This is the superb aspect of that the users can also stare at on-demand DVDs and blue-ray discs with a rental scheme. It was the day in earlier days of Netflix provided DVD-by-mail service. After that, a lot of changes were taken place in the platform for the users but this true way of having on-demand DVDs is still in existence. All these demanded discs are mailed to the email account of the subscriber in envelopes including return mailer and postage in envelopes that are prepaid by subscribers.

In case you want to add this blue-ray disc service back to your Netflix subscription plan that was earlier provided in 2000, you can opt for any one plan on monthly basis. In the basic plan of $9.99 per month, you will get only one DVD or Blue-ray disc at a time. Second, in the standard plan $14.99 per month, users can have access to two DVDs or Blue-rays at a time. In the Premium plan of $19.99 per month, you can check out three DVDs or Blue-rays at one time. Moreover, the best thing is that is not demanding any late if you end up with your DVD-by-mail plan. You just need to pay for your demanded DVD through this wonderful feature.

On which devices does Netflix support?


With the growing expectations, every OTT user wants to watch their desired on the device he is having. But some platforms do not allow them to watch streaming services on their device. This will never happen with our subscription plan to Netflix.

Users can access on all internet-supporting devices such as
● Roku
● Fire and Apple TV
● Chrome cast
● Portal from Facebook
● Samsung, Sony and LG’s smart TVs
● All PlayStation and XBOX consoles
● PS Vita
● Smart android and apple phones
● Tablets
● Web browsers
That is why millions of users around the world have joined the platform for streaming and watching TV shows and films online. It has become a much-loved online watching platform because users can enjoy their favorites without any interruption from commercials. Since you pay for the subscription for one month you become a member of the Netflix platform and need not pay anything extra for that month. Even you have the facility to cancel the subscription anytime during the month. is not going to charge any termination fee for that.

Can I download the shows to watch offline?

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This is the coolest feature of this online streaming podium that you can have a huge collection of downloads of your preferred programs or movies to watch during the long car rides. Only on a few devices, does it shows an error to download the movies for offline mode but you can avail this provision on Android and Apple phones, and Amazon fire tablet. On such devices, it is very simple to download your favorites by just clicking on the download option in the app of the platform. has more than 100 million hours of screening content which contains reality shows, documentaries, kids’ shows, latest movies such as space movie 1992, design shows and many other genres. The service is facilitating the users with astonishing things to watch and enjoy. Grab the opportunity to become a subscribed member of Netflix and satisfy your thirst for streaming and watching online.