Your Android TV Box lets you access different streaming services at once place such as YouTube, and that includes Live TV alongside various kinds of entertainment. Interestingly, you get the Google Play Store through your Android TV box that offers you more than 7,000 apps and games. With this, you could also connect to your pay-TV service to watch all of your favorite movies, TV shows, and channels.

If you are someone who prefers to scroll through a few dozen channels before you find THE one, you can do the same with your Android Box but that is largely dependent on the streaming service you subscribed for. Considering having a look at affordable cable services? We are certain they still have a string attached to millions of subscribers for what they bring to our table for decades. Do check Spectrum cable packages. But first, let’s find out how to watch Live TV and what to do on an Android TV box.

Does the Android box come with Wi-Fi?

The answer is: NO. On condition that you have a slot for HDMI on your TV set – you are all set. Simply go to the setting on your Android box and just connect it to the internet either by Ethernet or by Wi-Fi.

For watching TV on an Android TV box, you can consider the following options:


• Netflix

Netflix ranks among the most popular streaming services in the world. It is indeed a gift for people who love using OTT platforms. For Android users, you can watch quality content including TV shows and movies on your Android TV box. Everything is a piece of cake since you only have to purchase a subscription to Netflix.

• Google Chrome

It is indeed one of the most widely used internet browsers in the world. Android TV is not only for watching TV shows or streaming movies. You can also use it for browsing the internet. But how? You can simply do that by opening Google Chrome on your device. The browser is fast and secure. Moreover, it also understands HTML and JavaScript programs.

• Popcorn Time

This software was introduced for iOS users, but today, Android users can also use its services. It is in the market for some time only but has hooked a lot of customers because of its quality services. It also comes up with an integrated media player, which is one of the reasons why it became so famous in very little time.

• TV Player

TV Player app also allows its users to watch live TV streaming on an Android TV box. With its services, you can watch live channels from BBC 1 to BBC4, BBC News, CNN, Red, and more. What makes it the best is you can use it without any cost. In addition, it is not restricted to any part of the world. Now, how good is that!

• ES File Explorer

As the name defines, ES File Explorer helps you organize your files in your Android TV box. Using this service, you can manage and store your files on your Android TV box with ease. Additionally, it allows you to download the content, thanks to its ES Explorer browser. The features do not end yet as you can also perform the move, copy; cut, delete, and rename file operations. It offers almost everything you need to manage your files on our Android TV box.

Is the Android TV box worth investment?

While Using Android TV, one can stream pretty much everything from your phone without much effort; whether it is something on the internet or just YouTube, you wouldbe able to watch anything you want to. If you plan to cut your monthly entertainment bill, something we all try to do at some point, Android TV can help you cut your current monthly bill in half.

Do we have to pay a monthly fee for the Android TV box?

Android Box customers just have to attach the box to their TV sets and they can stream anything they want to, without any commercials. The best part is, there are no such monthly fees, and you just have to pay the up-front price of the box once. The Android TV box and all the similar devices are possible threats not just to the cable TVcompanies but to video streaming services also.