Someone Turned Marvel Stars Into Women And The Results Are Hilariously Amazing! Someone used Faceapp and transformed Marvel stars into women, revealing how these famous men would look like if they were born with two X chromosomes.

Here are some Marvel Stars If Turned Into Women

Everyone loves Marvel, the Avengers and X-Men. We have posted about them many times. With the upcoming Avengers: End Game movie next year, the anticipation is building up. Marvel Avengers has been a multi-billionaire franchise and it all started with Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr. Marvel universe has a huge assembly of certain strongest characters that are way too powerful. Well they don’t look that powerful anymore!

Marvel Stars Into Women Loki Hugh Jackman (Wolverine)

Some of the characters look even hotter then any of us can even imagine. Chris Hemsworth is as hot as a chick as he is in Thor!

Marvel Stars Into Women Loki Chris Hemsworth (Thor)

Ryan Reynolds female version looks awesomely hot! That FaceApp is like the new favorite thing, from kids to adults, everybody’s new viral toy!

Marvel Stars Into Women Loki Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool)

But sometimes the results are really unexpected and hilarious as Tom Hiddleston female version does not look much different than his true self!

Marvel Stars Into Women Loki Tom Hiddleston (Loki)

And as you can imagine these transformation pictures went viral in no time and we are not sure how to react!

Marvel Paul Bettany (Vision)

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