Every famous singer has a singing coach who shaped their music and personality. Therefore, having a singing coach becomes an absolute essential for any artist. They groom you and your music.

Below are some qualities that you should look for before deciding on your singing coach.

1. They respect and understand your interests: Every individual is different and have different interests. If your singing coach is all about himself and try to impose his ways on you, then it will become very difficult for you to grow in such an environment. Your coach should take your interests into consideration, and plan your lessons accordingly. It is crucial for your development as a musician that you are in an environment where you feel that your needs and interests are heard. Ask questions, take their views on different subjects this will help you understand whether not he/she will value your opinions.

2. Your personality should be compatible with your coach: It is important that your coach and you are on the same page to ensure better and successful learning. If you are always having disagreements then it would become very difficult to actually practice music. Therefore, it is important that your tempers match. Choose a singing coach who is open minded and adjusts according to your needs.

3. They understand your music style: Even though the foundation of singing is similar for every style, but it is always better if you choose a coach who belongs to your music style. Having a teacher who belongs to your music style helps you connect with the teacher as he/she will understand your goals and aspirations and would be sensitive to your music creation.

4. They inspire you: Quality of a good teacher is that they have an aura which inspires everyone around them. Make sure that your singing coach radiates positivity. It will really speed up and improve your growth graph.

5. They are not tyrants: If your singing coach constantly creates and puts you in a high-pressure environment, it would become very difficult for you to grow. Maintaining discipline is important but it should not come at the cost of your growth and development. Having a very strict teacher can have a really negative impact on your learning and music. Therefore, make sure that your singing coach is someone who pushes you to be your best, instead of someone who pushes you down by constant scolding or yelling.

6. They hold a degree in music: A degree ensures that your singing coach is professional and he/she can give you some meaningful insights about how to get a degree, if you ever want to get a degree.
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So, these were some qualities that you should be looking for in your singing coach. It isn’t an easy task to find a good teacher, but don’t give up too soon and settle for some mediocre teacher. Be patient, do your research and ask around, Toronto has a wide range of singing coaches, so you have nothing to worry about. Just make sure that your singing coach checks all your boxes.