There’s nothing like the power of music to bring people together. Live music isn’t only a great time, it’s actually a positive influence on the minds and health of all who come to witness it. There’s a reason why music has been a central part of all cultures since the beginning of time. Here is a guide to the history of music.

With that rich history in mind, you might be considering getting into the world of music yourself. You might want to put together a big show to promote your own band, make money off existing acts, or even raise money for charity.

Concert planning can be quite complicated, but it can be highly rewarding to see all the moving pieces come together. What are the important things you need to put in place? Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.


1. A Venue

You can’t put together a rocking concert if you don’t have anywhere to do the show. One of the most important and most challenging aspects of putting together a concert is finding the proper venue.

There’s a lot of considerations to think about when picking out the proper spot for your show. You’ll need to have a very good idea in mind of how many people you think will show up, and you need to stay realistic about that number. There’s nothing worse than a big venue with no one in it, or a small venue with too many people to squeeze in.

You also might want to consider the genre of music you’re booking for the show, as different locations tend to bring in different crowds.

2. Ticketing

You’ll also need to think of how you’re going to run the admissions process to the concert. First, how much are you going to charge? You might put your show on for free (and take a big hit financially) or you might set tickets at as high as $50. It’s all up to you.

In order to sell your tickets, you’ll want to have them available online ahead of the show. This might be through a service like Ticketmaster or Eventbrite. Advertise this link to interested parties and you can keep track of sales through these services.

Last but not least, you’ll want someone at the venue who can check the tickets at the door. You might even want to have one of the great mobile command centers set up at the venue so you can keep in communication with your ticket collectors.

3. Get The Word Out

There’s no point in putting a big concert together if no one knows about it! It is essential that you put some time and money into getting the word out about your show.

Put flyers up in coffee shops and other hip places, including other music venues if they will allow it. Post on all social media accounts and encourage the acts you book for the show to do the same.

Hopefully, word of the show will catch on virally and you’ll have a healthy crowd show up ready for a good time.

Keys to Concert Planning

If you want to gain some experience in concert planning, it’s best to dive right in. The above concepts are essential things you’ll need to have a handle on if you want to pull off a killer show.

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