She said she loves you, but even though she said she cant be with you anymore, why? Maybe cause you were doing some of these actions that cause you losing your girl without knowing it.

Here are 10 reasons your pushing your girl away and you losing her.

1-You don’t give her the personal space she needs.


Girls want to feel that they have the time to see their friends and what ever she wants to do even though she became with you. She doesn’t like the fact that where ever she wanna go you want to be there.

2-You don’t trust her enough.

cheating  She said he is just a friend, well he is just a friend and you should trust what she said.

3-Respect her opinion.

told you

You think she is wrong but she insists that she is right? Well respect that and let her do the mistakes and just be her backbone. Don’t you ever tell her “I told u so”!

4-Dont play “Si El Sayed” role.

Si El Sayed is a typical Arab stereotype
Si El Sayed is a typical Arab stereotype

“Don’t go there, don’t do that, don’t talk to him, don’t talk to her, I am a man I can do that but you can’t coz you’re the girl”.

These are all turnoffs to most modern women especially the ones with careers.

5-Always make fun of her interests.

makefun“OMG thats a very cheesy movie, shopping is so boring, you must be kidding makeup is just a fake game…etc”.

Please, just don’t do that, listen to what she likes whatever it is and just act it’s interesting. I mean would you like it if i say that your favorite football team sucks?

6-You don’t encourage her to build a future.

Career Woman“Baby,you don’t need any job, you are my queen, I’ll get you whatever you want”.

Everybody needs a job, and you should help her to get one, you are with a person who has dreams and you should help him to make it come true!

7-You are boring.

boring  Yes, you are so don’t be shocked. It’s because whenever she tells you to go somewhere new or do something new you are like”nah, that place is too far, why would we do that only kids do that…etc”.

And whenever you both go out you always tell her to choose the place “we will go whereever you want to”.

Man, girls love surprises! They love to find you making plans and always want you to be adventurous.

8-You are overprotective.

superman “If you are not using your car don’t go out, don’t walk alone it’s not safe, don’t go that place too much men there, wait I’ll pick you up to where you want to go and leave, don’t go alone take your mum”. Heellllooooo, she is not a child, it’s nice you want to protect her, but don’t forget that she is a grownup also.

9-You are overjealous.

overjealous “Don’t talk to any boys, talk to my friends only, you are not allowed to go out with boys, no boy can have your number, remove boys from you Facebook/any social media account …etc” dude why don’t you put her in a jar and close it? All these men where in front of her before she gets with you but even though she chose you,so please just stop that!

10-Judging the way she dresses.

“That’s too tight, don’t wear that its too short…etc”. Women like always to look fantastic the way she chooses, that was her style before she was with you and you accepted her that way, so don’t try to change that. I mean come on, how would you feel if she told you don’t wear that jeans while its your favorite?

So in the end I would like to say that you loved her the way she is, actually the way she is made you love her, so why trying to make her another person?

Encourage her to become a better a person than she is without making her feel that she is losing herself to please you. Love is not “Si El Sayed and Amina”, love is sharing and accepting each other flaws.

Can you think of other reasons that throw off your girl and cause you losing her? Leave your comment below….