13 Hacks for a Clean Home


Keeping your home clean is no small task. It takes a certain amount of time and energy that many people with busy lives don’t seem to have. The good news is, you can keep a clean home by following a few of these home-cleaning hacks.

1. Clean As You Go

If you’re wondering how to clean a big pile of mess all at once, you don’t have to. By cleaning as you go, you’ll be taking care of small issues here and there before they become big, overwhelming messes.

2. Freshen Your Disposal With Lemon

Try throwing sliced lemons down the drain and running your disposal. You’ll be breathing in the fresh scent of lemon instead of the old food smell in no time

3. Clean Your Attic Every Six Months

Attic cleaning is a big job but a necessary one to make your home as safe as possible. If you would prefer to leave the attic leaning to the professionals, learn more here.

4. Dryer Sheets Have Many Uses

Dryer sheets have many different house cleaning uses. They work great as an oven rack scrubber, baseboard duster, and a soap scum remover. Repurpose your dryer sheets for a better clean overall.

5. Replace Sponge Weekly

Your sponge is crawling with germs and bacteria that are being spread with each use. To eliminate germs, clean your sponge in the dishwasher and replace it every one to two weeks.

6. Vinegar Removes Hard Water Spots

One of the little-known cleaning tips is that vinegar will remove hard water spots. Simply spray the vinegar on the stains, wait for 30 minutes and wipe them off.

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7. Vinegar And Dish Soap Is An Ideal Bathroom Cleaner

If you are tired of using toxic and chemical-laden bathroom cleaner, there is an alternative that is less toxic but still as effective. Mix equal parts water and vinegar with a splash of dish soap.

8. Borax Is An All-Purpose Cleaner

Borax is a substance with many different cleaning uses. Use it to wash your laundry, remove stains and stop an ant infestation.

9. Toothpaste Removes Stains

One of the helpful cleaning house tips is to use toothpaste to remove stubborn stains from clothes, carpet, and smooth surfaces. Apply the toothpaste to the stain, wait for it to dry and then remove with a damp cloth or a scrub brush.

10. Buy A Laundry-Friendly Mop

Your mop is another household item that is crawling with germs. When you mop, you are redistributing the germs to all the surfaces the mop touches. Buy a laundry-friendly mop so you can clean it regularly.

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11. Making DIY Cleaning Products Is Easy

Making DIY cleaning products is easy and better for your health. Say goodbye to toxic chemicals and hello to a safe and effective clean.

12. Clean Your Glass With Newspaper

Use newspaper to get a streak-free clean on your mirrors or glass. You can use it with water or a glass-cleaning solution.

13. Use A Lint Roller For Dusting

Need to dust the fabric furniture or drapes and curtains in your home? Use a lint roller!

Useful Hacks For A Clean Home: The Bottom Line

By implementing these hacks, you’ll find that keeping a clean home can be a breeze.

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