It’s a good sign when a market’s on the rise. That’s true for body sculpting, as the market will hit $9.1 billion in the next four years.

Body sculpting services are a non-invasive, FDA approved technique to eliminate fat while toning the body. If you’ve heard of tummy tucks and liposuction, meet your new, kinder ally: body sculpting.

You might be wondering how there are alternatives to surgical procedures. You might think if that were true, wouldn’t everyone do it? That’s the question.

If you’re looking to get rid of fat without the needles and stress, you’re in the right place. Here’s what to know about body contouring.

Body Sculpting Services

Bariatric Surgery or not, it’s a big decision to consider body sculpting services. Different sculpting offerings combat your fat through temperature manipulation.

Cold treatments use the infamous CoolSculpting method. Using a vacuum-like suction on the desired areas destroys the fat cells. Hot treatments remove dead cells near the stomach and thighs.


Depending on your needs, you’ll learn which body sculpting treatments are right for you. Before you do, here are five things to consider.

1. Handling Body Fat

Body sculpting services manipulate body fat and fat cells. As a result, your body shape, metabolism, and lifestyle are subject to change.

Doing an extensive intake beforehand helps you plan your goals with your medical professional. These services are designated for those well outside a healthy weight range.

2. References and Reviews

Body sculpting services are not something to pursue without research. Obtaining references and studying reviews are musts. Consider it the perfect time to:

1. Identify your intention for body sculpting
2. Ask around
3. Consult a medical professional
4. See if you qualify for services


Research helps clarify your desired outcome.

3. License and Insurance

Make sure your services come from a licensed medical professional who specializes in body sculpting. Since body sculpting’s considered an aesthetic medical procedure, it’s likely not covered by insurance.

4. Body Sculpting Cost

While body sculpting sessions don’t last long, they can cost $2,000-4,000 per session depending on your needs. Since it’s not insured, be sure to ask about discounts, payment plans, and available packages to offset the costs.

5. Post Sculpting Impact

Depending on how many sessions you receive, you can expect to look and feel different. It’s a good time to consider other lifestyle changes that can foster a happier, healthier life. Basic changes may include:

• Diet
• Exercise
• Self-care regimen
• Meditation practice
• Balanced sleep


It’s common to make subsequent life adjustments after a big one. The goal’s to create sustainable change. What can you do to achieve it?

Sculpt Your Body Sculpt Your Life

In this context, the words sculpt and contour suggest bodies are an art. When done in the name of health and wellness, body sculpting services are a great way to express the new, true you.

The physical body represents our inner state. If you’ve felt out of alignment with your physical self, imagine how body sculpting can help. For more on how men can best express their physical selves, check out our latest blog posts!