Car accidents are more common than the average person thinks. They can take place anywhere, anytime. Sometimes when an accident occurs, the driver is held accountable, however many times, the fault is actually due to faulty car parts.

Apart from those reasons, some other reasons leading to a car accident incorporate careless and deviant driver conduct joined with different factors, for example, awful street conditions like roads of Las Vegas, damaged mechanical gear, and terrible climate conditions.

Despite the fact that a large number of accidents are brought about by driver’s slip ups, for example, careless driving, drunk driving, and aggressive driving. An extensive number of car accidents are brought about by mechanical deformities.

Today, most vehicles are made to hold fast to safety standards set up by specialists, however, there are mechanical issues that are known to cause car accidents. Contact auto crash law firm knoxville, tn if you get into an accident.

Fault in the design

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No item is ever built exceptionally, and vehicles are the same. Cars have many parts, and any of those imperfect parts can cause an accident. Numerous car manufacturers have had issues with design defects before, including Ford Explorer rollover accidents and Toyota’s unintended acceleration crashes.

Tire Punctures


In the event that you get a flat tire while driving, it can make you turn fast and unexpectedly, which can lead to over correcting. Make sure to remain quiet and keep control of the wheel while pulling over when it is safe. Call for help in the event that you are unable to replace the tire yourself securely.

Flawed Headlights and Taillights

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A huge number of car accidents happen around evening time as compared with the day time, in light of low visibility when drivers must rely upon lights to see properly. In the event that the vehicle has broken or blurry headlights, brake lights, or taillights, at that point it can turn out to be incredibly hard for the driver to see and for different drivers to spot them. Investigate all lights routinely to ensure they are in immaculate working order to prevent such accidents from occuring.

Breaking down of WipersCar Tech

Driving in heavy rain and snow can be very troublesome and you need great quality and appropriately working wipers for safe driving. On the off chance that the vehicle’s wipers glitch when you are driving in a blizzard or downpour, you will promptly lose visibility.

Defective Brakes


Breaking down of brakes or a brake failure is one of the basic mechanical imperfections that can prompt car crashes. Current vehicle innovations, for example, dual brake systems, decrease the danger of mechanical failure. If there should be an occurrence of a circuit failure, the other circuit will come in use and authorize the vehicle to slow down. Another innovation that has made vehicles more secure is the anti-lock braking system that forestalls the front vehicle wheels from locking in case of an emergency.

Even though car accidents are common and can happen to anyone, it is also important to continuously check your car for any defects. It is also important to drive safely and not be rash or aggressive while driving.