Like it or not, some of the bloggers on social media work hard to get you the creative content you may like. Some of you think it’s an easy way by posting a picture daily and that’s it you generate thousands of dollars in seconds but the breaking news is its totally  wrong.

We decided to go through this topic with Hussien Assem “Style By Coosh” and see what’s the process and efforts bloggers do before what you see and there he is.

Behind the Scenes of an Instagram Blogger

It actually takes 30 to 120 minutes to create a good concept and shoot it daily so if you count sweating while you shoot as an exercise then you’re gonna be so thin just like me hahaha.

It’s not always about buying the most expensive brands and take a picture and that’s it, no it actually requires business development, spending a fortune to grow your business from cloth to travel and life style activities. Our lives on social media looks glamorous yet it has its ups and downs and by time you wont care to only buy designer labels but post a style that suits each and everyone and somehow affordable and this is how worked it out when we decidedto shoot for this article I choose very basic pieces not expensive at all maybe only a shoes or something to tell you it’s not always about the label but the creativity in each post.

We kept seeing “ Its not nice it Gucci” over your social media pages for the past years and kept wondering what’s the story behind it?

Yes it happened, till June 2018 I used to post this quote, when someone came and said nice shirt in a very generic way and suddenly it felt like a tornado hitting the ground replying it’s not nice its Gucci, in my head I kept think I wouldn’t 700 dollars on a shirt to be categorized only Nice, 2 days later this shirt was completely damaged in a very unexpected way to show how the quality was really low and then its burnt which proofs it wasn’t even nice!

Growing older made me think wiser and buy what I only need not only for the sake of shopping and it actually works I still shop a lot but reasonable to wear the same outfit once or max twice in the season.

Behind the Scenes of an Instagram Blogger

The question came to our minds right the sec he stopped, how many outfits on instagram do you have it seems like a million dollar closet from Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Jacob Cohen, Diesel, a very own 10,000$ vacheron  Constantin watch and more down to the street style brands as Zara and some label less cloth, by calculating the pictures and brands we see its approximately too much for a 23 year old guy ?!

Yes it might be, yet what you see on social media is not my daily wear pieces I have like 5,6 favourite items I wear each season almost the only ones I use haha and its shocking to only see a very own authentic Gucci leather shoes in its dust bag to be used only once a year. My very favourite pieces are the essentials a comfy white sneakers, a designer watch, comfy medium blue watches denim, and cotton shirts with some logos attached or plain ones as well as plain shirts.

So that’s a proof of what you see on social media is not always the story, now I would go more for a 219 EGP polo shirt from Naga Homme other than going for Gucci polo like I used to and fir the pictures I care to give the best possible quality and concept even if it takes days having no content over my social media channels.

What favourite brands or clients you ever worked with and what coming next on stylebycoosh and do you consider blogging a main job or an interest?

Fashion and  bogging for me is a 2nd job but it’s also connected somehow to my main full time job as Head of PR in one of the family businesses, regarding the brands they are all global brands and am so proud to have such brands over my website as Bloomingdale’s, Ssense, Diesel, Kaufmann Mercantile and more but am really looking for it is to collaborate with local brands to support the industry in Egypt and for the next projects am currently working on my first book “How to be single” and it’s really funny includes fashion tips and fun stories even friends didn’t know I have been working on it till now!

Hope you enjoyed my company

Xoxo, Coosh