If You’re Having Breastfeeding Problems, You’re Not Alone

It doesn’t matter that breastfeeding is perfectly natural, and good for mother and child in terms of health. It is likely there will be some issues with which you must contend as a new mother. Sometimes those issues have to do with pain, sometimes they have to do with discomfort, sometimes they have to do with personal nutrition, sometimes the baby has a problem.

Regardless, don’t feel bad if breastfeeding isn’t going as swimmingly as you had expected. Many mothers have issues, and you’re not alone. Following we’ll briefly go over a few common breastfeeding challenges to be aware of, and what you might do to help overcome those challenges.

Birth Baby

1. Poor Latching

Exceptionally engorged breasts may have very hard nipples which make it difficult for the baby to latch. New mothers commonly have issues with latching. Ideally, you’ve got someone in your family who has had children, and can help you with this. If you don’t, there are always consultation options for latching.

2. Sore Nipples

It’s a lot harder to imagine a situation where breastfeeding doesn’t produce sore nipples. If you’re nursing, you’re likely going to have sore nipples at some point. This can make feeding difficult. Sometimes a baby may be born with a tooth—that’s definitely an uncomfortable situation. Well, you can use a breast pump and bottles if that’s an issue.

Additionally, switch breasts from the sore nipple to the one that isn’t so sore. One remedy involves treating the nipples with a moist tea bag. Your doctor may instruct you to temporarily switch to formula feeding until the inflammation subsides. Beyond these things, there is hope: your nipples should “toughen up” within a few weeks of feeding.

3. Not Enough Milk Production

Poor milk production can be a physiological consequence of poor nutrition, as in the case of those suffering from anorexia. It can also be a psychological consequence of emotional difficulty.

Sometimes there are other health issues as well, or perhaps you need to change your diet.  This is a common issue, and there are ways to fix it. This link has some tips—you may well need to seek the help of a pediatrician.

4. Leaking Breasts

Just thinking about your baby can cause your breasts to “leak” milk, and that can be embarrassing or uncomfortable. There are nursing clothes that incorporate pads to help contend with this. Don’t feel bad if you’re dealing with leakage; it’s to be expected when nursing. There can be complications, though, so do at least have your doctor look into it.

5. Clogged Milk Ducts

Engorged breasts, blebs, overabundant milk supply, breast pressure, and poor latching can clog your milk ducts. Continued breastfeeding may clear the blockage, switching breasts may help as well, and contacting breastfeeding consultants is key in assuring you find a healthy solution that works.

Overcoming Common Breastfeeding Issues

Poor latching, sore nipples, diminished milk production, leaking breasts, and clogged milk ducts are just a few of the issues you’re likely to encounter as a new mother breastfeeding. At the following link you’ll find information and solutions regarding common breastfeeding problems. You’re not alone, but such issues can definitely be concerning.

Sometimes the issue is with the baby itself and requires an expert neonatologist to prescribe certain formulas as as HiPP HA Combiotik, which has skim milk and low-allergen hydrolyzed milk protein for intolerant babies.

The key is not to panic, or become so annoyed that you “throw in the towel”, as it were. If for some reason you just can’t quite get the balance right, then use a breast pump and bottles. Such breastmilk isn’t quite as nutritious as that which comes straight from you, but it’s better than formula.

There may be situations where you can’t properly nurse your child. Hopefully you can transcend such situations, but not all mothers can. Even then, additional “workarounds” exist. Still, with a little consultation from breastfeeding experts, you may find that the issues you’re contending with have real solutions.