Stress is a natural occurrence, we all deal with it daily. Stress can be managed and even used as motivation when it is under control. However, most people do not understand how to keep their stress under control and it leads to stress and anxiety.

Once it reaches this level it starts to affect the way you sleep and at that point everything snowballs until the stress puts 3 of your major body systems out of balance.

How Stress Affects The Systems of Your Body

There is a reason the saying is “stress is a killer”. It can have a severe negative effect on three different systems in our body.

One of the first effects you have from stress is difficulty falling and staying asleep. When this happens you become exhausted, lethargic, and on edge. This only makes the anxiety worse which negatively affects your nervous system.

The lack of sleep also wrecks your immune system and it becomes a lot less effective. Once your immune system starts to collapse your endocrine system is not far behind.

Does Stress Affect Your Cholesterol Levels?

The Key is Balance

The key to getting to the point where you can manage your stress and use it as a motivator instead of letting it cause you to be scared and anxious is maintaining balance in your body.

This means finding a way to keep your endocrine, nervous, and immune systems balanced. Some people have learned after years of practice to use meditation and breathing exercises to keep their bodies natural balanced.

Visit site that gives free guided breathing exercises to help alleviate anxiety and stress. If you are looking for a more immediate solution some companies produce all-natural supplements that can help you to attain this goal.

Natural Remedies to Gain Balance

When you start shopping for natural remedies make sure that you only purchase supplements that use all-natural ingredients and do not use caffeine or melatonin. There are a few companies that have realized that finding balance is the only true way to control stress.

These companies offer supplements that include two different formulas. One that is to be taken in the morning when you wake and one to take in the evening before you go to bed. Your needs are different at both these times and this is why they don’t try and offer you the same solution for both.

When looking at the natural supplements that these companies offer you will want to choose one that offers you a time-released, also called micro, dose. There are certain ingredients to look for to aid each system. You will want the AM dose to contain something that will give you energy but not make you feel on edge.

L-theanine is the best natural way to achieve this. This will help to balance your nervous system. To balance your immune system look for a source of vitamin D. Ashwagandha would be a great addition to help and bring balance to your endocrine system.


Your needs at night are different. You need to make sure there is something that will help you to sleep and get true rest. GABA is a great all-natural ingredient that will do just that.

Ahi flower oil is great for your immune system and would make a great addition to a night supplement to balance your body. Another dose of the Ashwagandha will be perfect in the evening dose as well.

You now know that the key to all-natural stress and anxiety relief is to balance the effects stress has on your body. There are supplements on the market that will help you to reach this balance.

You know what ingredients to look for to find the perfect product. Remember you have different needs in the morning and evening. Also only choose supplements that do not include either caffeine or melatonin. Take your time and do your research and soon you will be able to tell that everything is finally in balance.