When it comes to a fashionable look, you cannot afford to go wrong with your choice of wearable. One slight mistake with a pick can dent your overall style. So, if you are right now looking for a smartwatch for yourself, then be careful with what you shop.

Aesthetics play an integral role in decision-making, but if you believe in equipping your fashion sense with practicality, then there are many other things also that you need to ponder over as a smart buyer. Here some of them have been discussed below.

Overall look

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The first thing that would attract you to a choice is its appearance and comfort. When that clicks, you will gain interest in finding more about its functionalities.

So, try the watch on your wrist and see how the watch face display looks on it. Then, you can also check their band styles and designs.

For a classic look, you can focus on leather or stainless-steel materials. However, if you are more of a fitness person, then silicon bands can be a good fit for your personality.


Black and white, OLED, and LCD are some of the standard display options, which come with their upsides and downsides. LCD screens offer you a fantastic photo and content viewing experience in terms of color and contrast.

You can easily use them in sunlight. The only challenge is that they exhaust battery very soon as a result of which you have to turn on the screen every time you need to check the clock.

As an alternative, you can depend on black and white displays. These consume less battery and perform longer than their peers.

If you are an outdoor person, who does lots of biking and running, then make sure to go with a water-resistant option, like the ones ThinkSmartwatch.com.


Garmin Singapore

Fashion without fitness is synonymous with a body without a soul. So, don’t just buy a smartwatch to acquire that cool look. It should also be purposeful.

Nowadays, people are waking up to their health and fitness needs, and that’s why small to big brands are also trying to please them by combining all the elements in one product.

So, go for a watch that can track your daily activities and heart rate along with offering a host of fitness monitoring tools. You can, for example, explore options under the brandGarmin Singapore for an idea. Their smartwatch range has been made along this line of thought.

Besides, you can also make your selection more practical by choosing something that can reduce your dependence on mobile phones. For that, you can consider a watch that notifies you about calls, emails, social media posts, etc. The wristwatch should show you the most recent notifications.

Great looks and technology are two components that make smartwatches a smart choice for anyone. They are available in so many different designs, colors, and patterns.

If you don’t want to bring something that doesn’t suit your personality, then make sure to measure your choice from every angle – your lifestyle needs, dressing, usage, etc.