Technology has been an important aspect of life for the past ten years. Technological advancements are now at their boom. People cannot live their lives without any technology. Technology has deeply rooted in our daily lifestyles and makes the work easier for us.

Technology has helped humans in all aspects of life in numerous 4besnews ways. Let us find about how technology has helped to achieve our daily goals avidly. Technological advancements have also made the professional lives ease and in fact, the heights of technology have emerged various new fields of work.

Google related Technologies

How is it possible to talk about technologies and not to involve Google in it? Google is the King of the online world and is on the tipping point of all technologies.

Google has deepened on our lives so much with its products that even an average human being can’t seem to be escaped.

Google Chrome

Google Search is the World’s top search engine. Google Maps are available for common use and are accessible to every human with a smartphone and an Internet connection. Can you think of going to an unknown place without Google Maps? No. Right?

In the tough times of COVID, online classes have been given through Google Meet. Similarly, there are many Google products that have helped in easing the personal and professional lives of people all around the globe.

Communication Services

Has it ever been easier to communicate around the globe? Now, with the help of technology, you can even see the faces of the people with whom you are talking.

F9news say that All the Social Media Platforms are also striving to enable the feature of Live Videos and Live Streaming which helps you to see what is happening in that particular area with just a click away.

social media

Talking about professional life, communicating has been made easier through SMS, E-mails, Skype, WhatsApp, and more. You can use Google products to share your idea worldwide with your team.

Now, it is not compulsory to limit your team within a country. With the help of technology, cross-country hiring has also become a trend.

Productivity and Record-Keeping

Shifting to technologies to keep your data and records has not only helped humans but nature. Working paper free will help in making the environment cleaner. There is much software that is being used to keep the records and data safe.

All the information stored can be retrieved with one click away. It has reduced the self-effort of manually looking into files and extracting them.

250 Million Microsoft Customer Records Breached

Word Processors, Spreadsheets, using tools for presentations, graphic designing, and other related productivity tools have totally transformed the office environment and mode of working if we compare it to a decade back.

Mode of Working

The mode of working has also been changed within years. Nowadays, the same data can be accessed with the help of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers, all seamlessly powered by efficient fiber internet.

It has helped the professionals all around the world to access and share the information from sitting anywhere in the World.

Due to this, it has been possible for the employees of the company to work from home during pandemic holidays.

Analytical Structures

In modern companies, they are using automated systems using the advanced technology to eliminate the top to down approach so that front line workers do not always have to wait for the instructions of the managers.

Big Data Analytics has allowed doing computational marketing. Even human resource departments have been using technology for the hiring and selection process.


If we advance towards higher technological progressions, robotics has been used in all world-famous firms of the World to do the layman working. It makes it more fast and efficient. This does not mean that the human force is totally eliminated.

Technology Everyday Life

Both autonomous workers and robots work side by side to achieve a common goal. Human workers are accepting and adjusting to working with robots.

Conversational Systems

In businesses, companies are providing 24/7 live chat facilities with the help of technology of chatbots and conversational assistants. All these are the tools for Artificial Intelligence that allows continuous communication with the customers.

Technology Everyday Life

Most of the companies are now using the automated front end responses and chatbots. They are backed up with real-life human agents.


In the modern age, this dissemination of technology has played a key role in transforming personal and professional lives. Basic technologies like using maps, video calling, using basic software like Word, e-mailing has already become the daily norms and part of our lives.