LED can lights, more commonly known as recessed lights or LED down-lights, are metal lights fixed in the ceilings that add to the beauty of a room through their sleek look. With plenty of features such as less heat, bright and cool color, energy saver, great longevity, waterproof, and so on, these lights are great for kitchens, basements, mini-movie theatre, or any other low ceiling places.

These are multifunctional lights that, along with lighting a particular spot, can light up the whole room if properly installed. You can easily install can or recessed LED lights just by a screw-in without rewiring. To make the installation or replacement of such light easy and simple, here is a step-by-step guide. Before you Move down with us to unveil this procedure, feel free to visit this site for all kinds of LED Lights, be it LED Icicle Lights, Floodlights or Spotlights.

Fixing or Replacing the LED Can Lights

Proceed in the following way to replace or fix the can LED lights.

Take Off the Existing Bulb/LED


Turn off the old LED or bulb and let it cool for a few minutes. Otherwise, it may harm your hands upon touching.

Turn Off the Power Supply

Switching off the power supply is crucial before starting any electrical procedure. So, turn off the power supply for maximum security.

Remove the LED Kit

Moving on, pull the LED kit towards yourself to take it off. Carefully take the original bulb off.

Disjoint the Metal Hinge

Pinch your forefingers and thumb to disjoint the metal hinge from the interior casing. It is compulsory to replace it.

Take Out the Lighting Unit


Apply pressure on either side of the bulb socket. It will help you to separate the trim kit from the lighting unit. It will uninstall the old LED.

Place the New Can LED

Put the new can LED adapter into the LED receptor. Rotate the light clockwise to fix it properly and also tight it well.

Fix the Metal Hinge


After this, press the metal hinge and gently slip it into the recessed unit. Make sure that the metal hinge and unit have joined properly as it will provide tension to press the LED with the ceiling.


After the joint fixture, connect the wires of the LED with the power supply according to the local electricity standards. You may also take aid from the wiring guide given on the LED box.

Fix the Trim Kit Unit With Ceiling

Now gently press the trim kit unit into the can kit unit and fix them well. They should adjust to the ceiling properly without any looseness. The tension of the hinge will hold the can unit with the ceiling.

Finally, It’s Done


If your recessed can unit is properly held with the ceiling, you have successfully installed the can LED light.

Resume Power Supply and Test The LED


Finally, your old LED has been replaced with the new can LED light. Turn on the power supply and test the newly installed LED.


● Upon unboxing the LED, make sure that your LED is shipped safe and sound.
● Use protective hand gloves for security.
● Make sure that the power supply is cut off.
● If any smoke or short circuit is noticed, instantly turn off the power supply.



Recessed or can LED lights are perfect for effective lighting of the rooms with a low ceiling. These are great for home as well as commercial use and their installation or replacement is not so difficult. So, purchase the best quality LED light from the market and fix it by following the above-mentioned procedure. For more such hacks and tips, you may jump to Elmens!