They say there is always a hidden inspiration behind anything you do. I really believe in that. Even the smallest things can inspire you to do whatever you never thought you would do. Like here I am writing again! I was inspired to write about urging you to keep flirting people!

This photo inspired to talk about a term we always hear but necessarily everybody lived.


“The happily ever after”

Personally this term represents nothing to me other than Cinderella marrying Prince charming and to be quiet honest here! No one really followed up on these guys ever since! Are they really “Happily ever after” in progress? Funny how most movies just end the movie with THE couple being married or in love and that’s it! Where is the follow up people? Where is when they wake up and boom reality hits with life obligations, kids, stinky jobs, early crap to get ready for school/work etc…

Well we all know how it really is! But it doesn’t have to be all dull. Bottom line is you want to just pass a good day one day at the time. If you think more than that then you are not being realistic. And for that to happen to have one good day after another is concluded in ONE thing only. And that one thing is:

“THE MRS.” Or “EL MADAM” or “EL GAMA3A FEL BEET” or “MERATY” or “EL WEZARA” more names are welcomed J.

Yes gents we have the power to ruin your day or the other way round. And why would I say “Your Day” because the sad fact is that you wake up with “THIS FACE” every single morning J so no way out pal you either start it well or suffer the consequences.

My advice is “FLIRTING

Yes you read it right. Flirt your day away with the Mrs J

Consider it a morning practice before you head to work and start your other flirting during your day (just kidding or maybe not) So what really bugs us as women and drives us nuts is that you stopped telling us the same stuff you used to tell us that made us marry you guys!! Let me tell you a fact about us: We never initiate we wait for you to do your first move, depending on your move and how good or bad it was comes our attitude for the day, week, year or forever.

So start FLIRTING now. Flirt your day’s away people and you would definitely find somethings changing sooner than you think.

Sarah is an expert in relationships. If you have any comment or question leave it in the comment section below..