Come on ladies we are not all angels and have invisible wings on our backs! I am a woman and frankly I pity what men go through because of us!

Just take a look at the past few years. It’s just getting from bad to worse. Divorce rates are exceeding birth rates and it’s becoming like that’s the new fashion in town. Oh yeah, come on girls let’s get divorced and party hard.

Keep complaining about your husband but treat him as an ATM!

ladiesmanatmJust check one circle from the hundreds of circles you are in. Ladies keep complaining of how their husbands stay too long at work!

Or travel and leave them behind or run there and about for stinky jobs very little lucky ones who actually love what they do.

Well if you could just stop buying with all his salary bags and shoes maybe you would see him more often.

Oh! Did I mention that the bag must be an MK or LV or TNT or WWF! Oh please…


Men are usually Broke, they don’t need you to make it worse!

Men are usually Broke, they don’t need you to make it worse!How is it acceptable that a ripped pair of jeans costs more than opening a household for a whole month or maybe two months in a middle class standard (if that still exists!)


Overspending is a bitch!

Ladies are you really doing all that effort (hair, make-up, outfits, shoes, bags, accessories, etc…..) so you could go out and brag about your luxurious items? And expect him to join in the party. He doesn’t care what bag you’re carrying darling! He doesn’t care if your jeans match your Valentino studded shoes! And he certainly doesn’t care if your lipstick is the Baby kiss MAC which costs more than a meal with friends!

This is the tweet that got me the idea for the post.


Cut him some slack and come down from that stage you are dying to have with the spotlight directed at you all the time!

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