Looking for Elegant Simplicity? Try YPRES

YPRES Clothing cover

Many people think the summer fashion styles are over but here at ELMENS, we’re just starting.

While researching new fashion styles online, we came across a new brand for Men, called YPRES. It’s a brand that’s not only trendy in summer, but any time of year.

The brand is pretty simple, only selling tank tops! Yes, YPRES sells only one product. It’s a tank top that’s meant to be worn as a layer. That makes every piece quite exclusive and unique.

The U.S. brand is new to the luxury fashion market, with the tank tops selling at $88 a piece and free shipping & returns on all U.S. orders ( there is an option for international Shipping).

YPRES Clothing Animated The tank tops can be worn as separate or under a button-down shirt, but for $88, I would be flashing the pattern to everyone I know. The colors are trendy and very attractive.

Based in New York, the brand has found its crowd in the big apple.


Here are a few words from the CEO and founder of YPRES,

“As a guy that feels naked without an undershirt, I always had a difficult time finding interesting and good quality garments to layer with. Most crewnecks, v-necks and tanks are either too plain or too flashy- I like that happy medium. That’s where the idea for the brand started. The layering tank program is designed to be different while still blending in, incorporating classic print design and versatile colorways. YPRES is important to me because it is an extension of me. It’s my interpretation of the world I dream of, and what I can create to help others express their individuality”

We believe there is a lot of potential for this upcoming brand. The unique concept of ‘layering, redefined’, combined with just the right amount of flair and exclusivity, is already helping YPRES stand out among the crowd. Check it out now at YPRESClothing.com

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