Men always like women to smell nice, look nice and feel soft. So how about men start grooming themselves now?


 Men in our Arab societies fight and make troubles with their women if they don’t shave or find any hair on their bodies. Because women are supposed to always feel soft and look clean and of course dress nice. Why the double standards?


 On the other hand, Men, if you take a small look at them on the beach, most of them don’t shave their armpits for example. And also they don’t always smell nice. In a matter of fact, they don’t care about their fashion style nor matching colors of what they wear.

 Men, trust me women DO care if you don’t shave as much as you care if they don’t. They want you to look good too and smell amazing. Actually it’s a huge turn on when a man smells nice. She will want to stay near you and maybe you get a kiss too!


 So here is an encouragement for you to start looking for what your woman likes to shave and just shave it. And please, STOP judging women for things you yourself supposed to be doing too.
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