Some Men took makeup to a whole new level!


 We all know that male celebrities use makeup in their movies or shows to hide their wrinkles or unwanted shades of the face.

 BUT these male makeup artists have taken makeup to a whole new level. They even use makeup better than most women. What these men do is using makeup to transform themselves into women, comic characters and mostly female celebrities, cool huh?

So lets just meet up with of these amazing artists:

1-Argenis Pinal has the amazing ability to completely change his look using only makeup. No CGI effects in sight here — just pure talent!

2-Paolo Ballesteros is a Filipino actor, TV host and model, but he’s been getting some mainstream attention here for makeup transformations on his Instagram account.

 Here is where he transformers to a Caitlyn Jenner, the transgender who was all over the internet a few months ago.
 These are samples for some famous artists and u can find more on #makeuptransformation! Some people think its gay but for me i think its totally awesome!
 Can you think of other Arab Male makeup artists that you want to introduce? Tell us what do u think on the comment section below!