Market research platforms are the essential aspects of expanding your business. Market research platforms, in a nutshell, provide you with incentives to make informed and wise decisions. Moreover, market research platforms help you safeguard your company by avoiding associating with fraudulent companies. Therefore, analyzing, examining, and gaining insights on data useful in the long run will benefit you. With that said, we’ve come up with a few of the most authentic and satisfying market research platforms that you can make use of.

1. Tofler-

Tofler is one of the top market research platforms that provide proper analysis, in-depth data researching, and helps in gathering insightful data of a company or a client through the 360-degree feature.

Tofler offers skilled and talented experts that aim to provide the most reliable, innovative, unique, and authentic services for expanding your business, along with providing insights into how secure and genuine the respective company or client is.

2. IMRB International-

IMRB is leading market research, business, and survey firm. The headquarters of this firm is situated in Mumbai, India. This magnificent firm operated from over several locations across 15 countries of the world.

IMRB is a prominent component of the Kantar group and provides insightful and innovative insights about business-related topics.

3. Market XCEL Data Matrix Private Limited-

This company is one of the most popular and significant firms situated in India. Market XCEL Data Matrix Private Limited is an industry leader and offers few of the most valuable and worthwhile solutions for all your business-related issues.

4. TNS India Private Limited-

This company was founded in the year 1997. Although it has been in the marketing industry for a limited time, TNS India Private Limited continues to lead its way to the top. The headquarters of the company is situated in the heart of the world, London.

5. IDC India-

IDC India has been an established company for a very long time. This company continues to provide the most advanced solutions since 1964.

Along with serving impeccable solutions for more than 50 years, this company never ceases to surprise its clients with improved and reliable services.

6. Millward Brown-

Millward Brown is a distinctive company that provides a few of the most unique yet satisfying solutions for the tech industry. This prominent company’s headquarters resides in New York. This company aims to provide information related to promoting your business consistently.

7. The Nielsen-

Nielsen is a worldwide known company that has left a mark in a few of the most significant metropolitan cities in the world. This company continuously offers solutions to more than 100 countries.

From a proper analysis of data to examining your competitor’s data, this company is the one-stop solution for solving your business-related issues.

8. IPSOS Indica Research-

The headquarters of IPSOS is situated in Paris, France. This company has undeniably created a sturdy base for itself in India and many other countries. Most leading business companies rely on this company for learning to make informed and analytic decisions.

9. Hansa Research-

Established in the year 1983, Hansa Research is an industry leader today. This company was founded in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The fundamental responsibility of this company is providing marketing research and measurement of data.

Therefore, be it any issue, Hansa Research is designed to make your life simpler.

10. Majestic MRSS-

Majestic MRRS is one of the prominent research companies in entire Asia. The headquarters of this company is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Founded in 1992, Thai company aims to provide a few of the most impeccable services for challenging business-related issues.

11. RNB Research-

RNB Research was founded in the year 1995 in New Delhi, India. This ISO certified corporation is one of the most accessed companies in the countries of China, Thailand, South Africa, and India.

Moreover, this company is one of the top five research companies in India, according to statistics.


Thus, we are positive that choosing any of the above marketing research companies will help you get one step closer to making the wisest, valuable, and informed business decisions.