In his latest endeavor and Egyptian economy Mr. Naguib Sawiris announced that he would buy an island for The Syrian refugees.

He tweeted that tweet that he offered to buy a $200 million island in Greece or Italy. When he tweeted this a few days ago and it was received with much applause but the people didn’t think he was serious about it just yet.

But when he tweeted again about it and this time he added a photo of the proposal to buy an actual island with actual figures volunteer and framework to make it come true.

Here is a video of him speaking about the island.

He even found a name for the island, calling it ILAN after the deceased baby Aylan found dead on the shores of Turkey after trying to flee the war.

Sawiris is known for many business ventures and for long-standing investments in Egypt. Most of his investments were successful and extravagant proving how much how great a businessman he is. His family investments includes/included El Gouna, ORASCOM Group that includes Telecom, construction and hotels companies, Mobinil, Link DSL, Link Ventures and much much more including a new international data center company.

This might be one of his stunts but the people all over the world think this is a really generous offer and he can really pull this off. If he succeeds in making this Island a touristic destination and a sanctuary for all the refugees. He will offer them plenty of jobs, healthcare and services that they were denied during the war in their country.

This guy has proven himself many times before, do you think you can make it again and help those poor people find a new place to live?? Tell us your comment section below