Life and work are tough and it’s hard to stay on top and be successful. But sharing one’s experience with other men can help them make their lives easier. Here we decided to help Men utilize their weekends to the fullest and stay successful even on weekends.

Here are nine tips to help Men stay successful even on weekends:

  1. Plan being entertained and wind up doing nothing . You don’t have to schedule every moment. Plan the next day
  2. Limit your chores. Answer important emails, do laundry and grocery shopping. Only the you have to do. You can also multitask. Like send emails WHILE doing the laundry!multitask
  3. Reflect on your goals and next week schedule. Setup calendar and use project sharing apps as Trello or Calenda. muktitask aoo
  4. Mingle and Bond: Socialize with friends and spend quality time with family. This is most important. These cherish-able moments give you a reason to keep pushing through
  5. Unplug. Take a break from all screens. Take a walk without your phone at least. Leave everything behind.break
  6. Recharge: do something that fills you as reading, shopping, video games, get a hair cut
  7. Exercise. stay healthy. Whether single or group sports but stay healthy.exercise TV
  8. Take a short trip. Weekend breaks are awesome. They are usually cheaper and more fun. A day or two at a hotel would definitely charge