In the world we are living today, technology is everything. Every kind of activity, whether it is related to business, marketing, or any other, can be maintained using the internet. One can use the tools available in the market to organize and secure their work with the internet.

Like many other things, the internet also comes up with some limitations like hiding the device’s original IP address, which the users can handle or remove using Proxy or VPN. This article will discuss what a proxy is and how to use it for various benefits.

Proxy Server

A proxy server is a connection between the user and the web page he/she is visiting. These proxy servers can process the web data and web requests, which ultimately adds more privacy and security to your browsing web page. That is the reason more people are encouraged to use proxy servers like VIP72 and other alternative proxies to enjoy internet browsing smoothly.

Working of Proxy Servers

When you search anything on the internet, you allow web browsers to access your IP address and interact with your PC or laptop directly. But in case you are willing to search some data with privacy and do not want the server to access your IP, you can use the proxy.

A proxy server, in short, handles the traffic on the web page, and as it is connected to both your internet device and the laptop, it also owns its IP address. Due to this, your computer does not directly communicate with the internet. Instead of this, the proxy works as a connection and communicates with the internet after taking it from a PC.

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Resultantly, the internet replies to the query. Again, the proxy server delivers the message from the internet to the PC. Some kinds of proxies can hide your device’s IP address. In this way, the website you are using does not know who you are. Also, when using a proxy on the internet, the users can also change their geographical location.

Types of Proxy Servers

Based on network configuration, proxy servers are divides into the following categories:

1. Forward Proxy Server

For the internal networks, people generally use Forward Proxy Servers. The action of forwarding proxy servers is specific in a way that whenever a person requests the internet for connecting to a particular website, it first reaches the Forward Proxy Server that has the responsibility to decide whether the person who is asking to contact the website is allowed to access it or not.

In case the user is allowed to access, the proxy serves to send the request to the external server to allow access. This external server cannot track your gadget’s IP address and works while considering the Forward Proxy Server IP address in consideration. Forward proxy servers are commonly in use in schools and universities.

2. Reverse Proxy Server

Reverse Proxy Servers are far more different in working as compared to those of Forward Proxy Servers. They perform their action on the website service by imposing external users’ privacy on the internal network.

These servers are responsible for deciding whether the users can see the website content or not. As for security, reverse proxy servers are complicated to hack for accessing the device’s internal servers.

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Reverse proxy servers help in dispersing the data in between the internal servers, and this ultimately leads to prevent the connection requests from overloading. Generally, web service providers use reverse proxy servers.

3. Open Proxy Servers

As the name implies, Open Proxy Servers help in both forwarding requests and receiving responses. These servers allow the forward response by the internal servers, and when the website generates the response, they send it to the device. These servers are mainly for hiding the user’s original IP address.

Reasons for Using a Proxy Server

Using a proxy server can result in a number of advantages. The general benefits include offering the users privacy and improving security. But other benefits attract people to use proxy servers. Some of them are:

• The users can control the control internet usage of children and employees to know for what purpose they are using the internet. This makes it easy to keep an eye on them.
• The users can save bandwidth and also improve the web search speed by using proxies.
• Proxies also allow users to keep their personal information secret from the websites.
• The users can also prevent the malware websites from accessing your proxy server.


Proxy servers are not only important for keeping your privacy under consideration but also come up with many benefits. People choose between proxy and VPN according to their needs. You can use for installing proxy servers for your internet.