Fairly recently, the way people view heal care started branching out beyond traditional doctor visits and treatments. In a sense, Eastern medicine married the West and opened up new exciting avenues toward wellness.

One emerging medical technology born from this movement is hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Do you know how adding this into your practice can benefit your practice and your patients?

What Is Hyperbaric Therapy?

This type of therapy involves placing a fully clothed patient into a pressurized chamber. While inside, they will breathe in augmented oxygen in place of the outside air.

The 100% oxygen content and high air pressure allows your body to absorb more oxygen than normal. When oxygen enters the body, it attaches to hemoglobin to get transported into every cell of the body.

The oxygen mixes with nutrients and other chemicals to carry out and improve functions. Depending on their needs, people may come for one to two hours a couple of times or continue regular treatments several times each month.

10 Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Whether you buy new or find used hyperbaric chambers for sale, adding this treatment option to your facility will offer a number of benefits. Continue reading to learn why you should add hyperbaric oxygen therapy in your clinic.

1. Unique Treatment Option

Not everybody offers this type of treatment. This will set you apart from the rest.

Many patients will not seek it out, mostly because they do not know anything about it. But, some will, and you can educate the rest who come to your clinic for other reasons.

2. Safe Alternative to Medications

The hyperbaric oxygen chamber offers a safe alternative to using potentially harmful medications. Many pharmaceutical drugs come with a host of side effects that simply hurt people less than their disease.

Using oxygen therapy, you eliminate many of the risks. Though this alternative to medicine does carry some potential risks, they are very rare and unlikely to occur in most instances.

3. Boosts Immunity

Increasing oxygen absorption also improves blood circulation. This, in turn, spreads our defense cells quickly around the body to ward off foreign invaders.

Patients cannot come once and forever live with a stronger immune system. Boosting immunity for the long haul requires regular hyperbaric treatment.

4. Heals Infections

In the same way this treatment keeps you from getting sick, it also helps people heal faster from infections. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy research shows that this boost in O2 offers antimicrobial effects.

This type of therapy also increases the ability of other antimicrobial agents to eliminate infections. It shows promise for treating patients who present with serious infections, like infective endocarditis, and necrotizing fasciitis.

5. Helps Arthritic Pain

A hyperbaric chamber floods the body with oxygen, maximizing your absorption in the blood. This increases the delivery of oxygen to areas of the body with limited profusion.

These areas often remain stagnant and increase in inflammation. This especially occurs in arthritic patients where the inflammation of the joints leads to stiffness and pain.

Moving highly oxygenated blood through to these tissues helps push through built-up fluids. This also helps the body deliver the oxygen and nutrients necessary for healing, which improves the condition altogether.

6. Improves Brain Function

In order for the human brain to function, it needs a healthy supply of oxygen. In fact, it uses about 20% of our total oxygen.

Oxygen plays a major role in both psychological and motor functions when the brain puts it to use. It improves the function of mitochondrial cells, which create ATP, the body’s energy currency.

Offering hyperbaric oxygen treatment

It also decreases the amount of cell death that occurs in the brain. Brain cells quickly die off in the absence of oxygen.

Using a hyperbaric chamber improves both motor and psychological activity in the brain. The means improved performance, memory, and concentration to name a few of the potential benefits.

7. Treatment for Hypoxia

When a patient arrives presenting with hypoxia, time is not on your side. After one minute without oxygen, brain cells begin to die, and after three minutes, the patient will most likely suffer a serious brain injury.

Putting a patient directly into a hyperbaric chamber will increase their chances of survival and recovery. Though they may still need hospitalization, it will preserve their cells as you wait for the ambulance to arrive.

8. Fights Effects of Iron-Deficiency Anemia

Iron-deficiency anemia occurs when a person’s iron levels drop low. This affects hemoglobin and, therefore, the body’s ability to carry oxygen to the cells.

Placing an anemic person into a hyperbaric oxygen charmer will ensure that they get as much oxygen to their cells as possible. In minor cases, this will battle fatigue and headaches. In more severe cases, this will prevent tissue damage and cell death from the lack of oxygen.

9. Fights Fatigue

Hyperbaric treatment can improve a person’s overall energy levels. This occurs as the therapy improves circulation and brings oxygen into the cells while boosting ATP production. Offering this treatment at your clinic may help patients who suffer from chronic fatigue due to all types of conditions.

10. Anti-Aging Effects

People do not need to be sick to come for hyperbaric treatments. This will bring healthy people who want to look younger as well.

Oxygen therapy reduces oxidative stress that occurs when oxygen loses electrons and turns into a free radical. The fresh supply of whole oxygen cells will keep free radicals from attaching to and attacking your cells.

Also, the increase in blood flow and reduction of inflammation will help keep the face looking fresh. The oxygen and nutrients that reach the cells may help boost the production of collagen and elastin to give the skin a healthy stretch and fewer wrinkles.

Improve Your Clinic with Oxygen Therapy

Look at the resources offered at your health clinic. Do you offer anything special?

Offering hyperbaric oxygen treatment at your facility will provide your patients with a unique and understated wellness opportunity. In order to gain an edge, you need to stay ahead of the healthcare trends with medical technology.

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