Once you think of cancer, the first signs and symptoms that may come to your mind are growing skin lesions and suspicious lumps. These are the most renowned signs of cancer, but they’re not just the only warning signs.

If your body doesn’t feel right, make sure to pay attention. Most early signs of cancer might also be caused by some health issues that can be easy to shrug off. However, never ignore them.

Instead, opt for screening or a full-body MRI scan since it’s one of the best ways to detect cancer. The primary benefit you can enjoy with this kind of screening is that you’ll be able to get the best defense against cancer as early as possible. If you’re curious, you can discover this type of test on reputable websites.

Young cancer patient standing in front of hospital window.

Below are the other signs of cancer that you might not probably aware of:

1. Hoarseness or Coughing

Typically, hoarseness and coughing are due to cold weather, mild irritation, common cold, voice strain, and other harmless causes. In general, a cough must not concern you too much.

However, if it’s chronic and you can’t figure out its real cause, it might be time to visit your doctor. Some types of cancer that crowd or damage the esophagus and lungs may cause shortness of breath, coughing, and hoarseness.

2. Changes in The Bowel Habits and Bladder

Kidney and bladder cancers might cause blood in the urine. On the other hand, colon cancer can result in blood in your stool.

Typically, men who suffer from prostate cancer experience some changes like difficulty urinating. Unfortunately, since bowel and bladder changes are sometimes uncomfortable to discuss, it’s one of the reasons why most people ignore them. But never let embarrassment stop you from consulting your doctor regarding such health concerns. Doing so allows you to get the right treatment.

3. Night Sweats

When your AC unit is running fine, but you wake up sweaty every night, it isn’t something that you should consider normal. Even if some conditions like menopause or hypothyroidism can make it hard to maintain the normal temperature of the body, cancer may also be one of the causes of night sweats.

Often, severe night sweats are frequently one of the symptoms that people notice before discovering they have cancer of the lymphatic system, which is also known as lymphoma.

4. Fatigue

Sometimes, it’s normal to be tired, particularly if you have a hectic schedule or you don’t always enjoy a good night’s sleep. However, long-lasting exhaustion that’s not solved by getting enough sleep is a sign of something else.

When cancer cells leech off your body’s resources, it may leave you with a chronic lack of energy and lowered stamina. But cancer isn’t the only cause of exhaustion. You might also be suffering from a metabolic problem, depression, or some issues. In any case, you can talk to a doctor to get medical help.

5. Sudden Weight Loss

Many people associate weight loss with getting healthier. However, if you’re dropping several pounds rapidly without changing your physical activities or diet, your weight loss might be a sign that something’s seriously wrong. This might be cancer of the esophagus, stomach, liver, colon, lungs, or pancreas.

Unexpected and sudden weight gain might be a symptom of cancer, too. For instance, loss of appetite, abdominal weight gain, and bloating are the common signs of ovarian cancer. But since weight gain isn’t something that comes to mind for some people, this symptom frequently goes ignored.

6. Pains and Aches

Having body pains and aches is part of getting older. Sleeping in an awkward position and previous injuries may quickly leave you sore. But you must investigate further once the pain doesn’t go away or isn’t usual for you.

Persistent pain in a certain part of your body without a seeming cause must be a cause for concern. Keep in mind that the body’s way of warning you about some health concerns is pain; it works like the check engine light. There are times that it may warn you of cancerous growths before they spread.

7. Persistent Heartburn

Most people suffer from heartburn at one time or another, whether due to overeating or stress.But persistent heartburn might be a symptom of more serious problems. If you experience acid reflux more frequently–lasts for a few weeks and it doesn’t change even when you alter your diet–it might be a good time to see a doctor. Persistent heartburn might be a symptom of ovarian, throat, or stomach cancer.

8. Swelling Face

Your puffy face might be the result of your salty snack binge last night. But did you know that facial swelling can be a sign of cancer?

When a tumor restricts blood flow, especially to the superior vena cava, most people experience swelling faces. It’s commonly caused by cancers of the breast, lung, and thyroid. Even if cancers, like renal cancer and lymphoma, have been renowned to cause this symptom as well.

9. Anemia

While caused by several medical issues, cancer can be a contributing factor to anemia. The types of cancer involving the bone marrow and the blood, such as leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, and bone cancer, may all contribute to the underproduction of your red blood cells.

Colon and stomach cancer cause bleeding in the digestive tract, which may also contribute to anemia. In this case, consult your doctor immediately.

10. Changes in Your Fingernails

Did you know that cancer is also associated with changes in your fingernails? One of these changes is called clubbing, which could indicate lung cancer. Aside from that, brown, black, or blue dots and lines under your nails might indicate skin cancer. If your fingernails look white or pale, it might be liver cancer.

Once you notice any changes in your fingernails, visit the nearest hospital and seek cancer help.

11. Seizures

While seizures are usually associated with epilepsy, they can also be a symptom of particular types of cancer. Often, brain tumors can trigger seizures. Thus, if you’re not diagnosed with epilepsy but suffer from seizures, you must speak to the best specialist immediately.


Recognizing the above signs of cancer is one of the ways you can take action immediately. Even if you think they’re unusual, being familiar with them may come in handy. This is especially true if you’re the type of person who doesn’t visit a doctor for regular check-ups.

If you feel strange and notice something that concerns you, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor as soon as possible.