If you have a sluggish appearance or your clothes don’t seem to fit at all, it might be time to opt for a weight loss plan. Many people seek to cut the extra pounds because they want to feel their best. Being overweight affects your self-confidence and paves the way for severe illnesses like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and depression. Luckily, a medically supervised weight loss plan at Nova Physician Wellness Center is among the best ways to lose and control your weight effectively. Unlike over-the-counter medications, supervised weight loss allows you to self-monitor your diet and exercise plans. Let’s run through the five top reasons why you should prefer medically supervised weight loss.

1.     It helps ensure integrated support and accountability

Combating obesity is as hard as drilling a borehole in a stony hill. Alternating your lifestyle and adopting a specific diet can be challenging, and this is the typical reason many fail to achieve their optimal health goal. However, with a medically supported weight loss program, you can be sure to get all the specialized support you need in every stage of your journey. This ensures that you aren’t alone and that your doctor can access your progress and advice on fastening your weight loss.

2.     Safeguards your overall health

Although specific diets are crucial in cutting the extra pounds, choosing your meal plan alone doesn’t guarantee accuracy and can further impact your weight loss goal. Additionally, self-monitored weight loss plans only focus on cutting the extra pounds and neglect the impacts caused by being overweight. For this reason, a medically assisted program incorporates well-experienced physicians familiar with your health and weight loss goals. Besides helping you lose excess weight, your doctor comprehends any potential risk factors for your overall health and guides you on the way forward.


3.     Improved healthcare under a multidisciplinary team

With several brilliant minds on deck, your doctor and a team of experts can combine medical interventions, nutrition, psychological therapy, and fitness to help achieve your goal. With this multifaceted approach, you will start to witness gradual body changes within a short time.

4.     Provides patient-centered, individualized care

Unlike the commercial weight loss approach, the medically instigated weight loss program doesn’t follow a cookie-cutter perspective to reduce your weight. Weight gain affects people differently, and your physician should conduct a medical evaluation before deciding what approach to consider. With a physician holding your hand, you can be sure to receive the proper weight loss program specifically tailored for you.

5.     Offers a specialized aesthetic finishing

After hitting your desired weight loss goal, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee the end of the matter. Your physician can provide relevant aesthetic procedures to help reduce scaring, skin tightening, or removing moles and skin tags that could have formed during your weight loss journey. In addition, your weight loss partners will instruct you on the lifestyle to lead to maintaining your healthy weight.

It is no secret that with the help of a medical physician, you will achieve your weight loss goal faster than you could have done it independently. Dr. Suri and an expert team specialize in an advanced weight loss program and will offer you an individualized plan to help you attain your weight goal. Book your session with Dr. Suri or Dr. Chaudhary today to enjoy all the benefits listed above!