Mental health is an extremely multifaceted element to any person’s overall well being. Just like our physically Healthy it is essential that we maintain and work to improve our mental health as best we can. Life is full of twists and turns, with plenty of highs and lows and it is vital to the health of our mental state to be able to cope with the uncertainty and unpredictability that is life. If you or anyone you know if struggling with their mental health or are presenting with symptoms of mental illness, help is always available. It is always highly recommended to speak with a professional such as Toowoomba Psychologist Clinic if you are struggling to gain the vital tools and techniques to relieve you of any burdens you may be facing.

Mentally Healthy

This article will delve deeper into what it means to be mentally healthy and sound and the impacts that has on your day to day life. It will also provide some insight into how effective mental health compares to mental illness and instability and arm you with a better understanding of your own mental health and well being.


Here are 5 Signs That You Are Mentally Sound And Healthy:

  1. Ability To Cope Well Under Stressful Situations

Life can be stressful, there is no doubt about that and at times there is no avoiding it, however it is how you cope and deal with daily stresses that matters. If you are able to adapt to situations with an objective perspective and essentially ‘roll with the punches’ you will relieve yourself of a lot of overwhelming stress and anxiety. Worrying about issues that are out of your control can place a massive weight on your shoulders. If you are unable to control the outcome of a situation and make the conscious decision to take whatever comes your way is an essential part of one’s mental resilience and well being.

  1. Stabilized Emotions

Are you quick to anger? When you feel your emotions rising are you unable to effectively bring them down to a balanced level? Do you often feel out of control when it comes to your emotions? Having the ability to not let your emotions take over and dictate your behaviors, actions and thoughts is one of the first signs of mental and emotional stability. Rapid and inconsistent mood swings are an indicator of some form of mental instability of illness whereas the ability to be able to feel your emotions for what they are proves sound mental health.

  1. Ability To Appropriately Maintain Health And Well being

Mental health and physical health can very much go hand in hand. If you are able to effectively maintain your overall health and well-being this is one sign and indicator or sound mental health. Generally if a person is experiencing mental health struggles they tend to not take care of other areas in their life. Eating well, regular exercise, positive mindsets and general maintenance of overall well being is the best way to ensure the well being of your mental and emotional state also.

  1. Ability To Effectively Maintain Personal And Professional Relationships

Connection is a part of everyone’s life and the ability to effectively maintain relationships shows positive mental wellbeing and health. Poor mental health can have a direct impact on the deterioration of personal and professional relationships. There may be a noticeable change in your personality where you find yourself becoming withdrawn from people and becoming more recluse. Improving your mental health and well being will aid you in maintaining fulfilling and meaningful relationships as well as increasing your interpersonal skills.

  1. Ability To Effectively Express Emotions And Thoughts

Those with poor mental health or struggling with their mental well being can present as extremely irritable and unable to effectively and appropriately express themselves. Whether it is thoughts, feelings, emotions or even their mental state, mentally sound and healthy individuals are able to clearly pinpoint their mindset and thought process and identify areas of improvement. They are able to express their emotions and thoughts without attacking and projecting the issue onto others but instead voice how they are feeling with the goal of a resolution and understanding. Those who are mentally healthy tend to not become caught up or in a downward spiral when it comes to feedback loops and can detach themselves from their emotions.


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