This entire health crisis has been one hell of a ride. People have lost jobs, loved ones, the freedom to travel, and a slew of other modern-day conveniences that we’ve been taking for granted. Even without all that, the pace of contemporary life gets to us all. You might be a dad with a vivacious toddler trying out if it’s possible to toddle a marathon across a single room (filled with Legos, of course), or an entrepreneur  looking for a brand-new investor for your idea. Stress finds its way to us no matter what.

It’s more about how we cope with it than it is about the stress itself. Now, while you might feel the urge to light a cigarette or reach for a pint of your favorite Ben & Jerry’s, there are better ways to get your daily dose of Zen – here are a few you can use to de-stress when you need it most!

Sweat it out of your system

To feel like a king and to remind yourself of how amazing you truly are, it’s time to get moving out of your Midlife crisis. Maybe typical HIIT workouts aren’t your deal, but some muscle training can give you that much-needed boost of happy hormones in a matter of minutes.

Apps can help you with guided lessons and tutorials for weight training and lifting, but there are other apps out there that are designed to help people train effectively while de-stressing at the same time. Plus, listening to your favorite tunes and working out is a great way to feel liberated and energized.

Have a quick pampering session

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Who said we need to make an appointment for a bit of pampering? In fact, if you’re still practicing social distancing in any form and you’re steering clear of salons, you can set up your own little pampering nook with the right skincare and haircare essentials.

Add scented candles into the mix to maximize the impact on your senses, and pick fragrances such as lavender that promise to help you relax. Put on your favorite facial mask and regenerative hair treatment, and you’ll be in paradise!

Rely on good supplementation

Bad habits and a poor diet are certainly not doing you any favors in terms of your health and wellbeing, as relaxing as they might be. You can, however, update your diet with the right supplements that will boost your immunity and also help with everyday stress.

For example, a good nootropic drink can be very beneficial if you’re looking to boost your cognitive function. There’s a wide variety of products available on the market, so you can check them out and pick the right one for your needs.

Put your thoughts on paper

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Aside from the simple, but effective mindfulness apps you can use to detox from stress, there’s another old but gold way to achieve the same sense of serenity: journaling. It can be a dedicated practice, like scheduling an hour with yourself in your calendar to write down what’s bothering you.

It can also be a spur-of-the-moment practice that helps you stay on track with your daily agenda without actually depriving yourself of your safe space to write, even if it’s for a few minutes only. All you need is a sleek notebook like the one by Insight Editions to give you some guidance on how to formulate your thoughts and to inspire some gratitude and positivity.

Get a massage at home

The pandemic has made it impossible to set up our favorite spa retreats when we feel like it, not to mention that most beauty parlors aren’t fully operational just yet. In the meantime, why deprive yourself of one of those simple pleasures like a massage at home, with your very own massage device that’s as simple as plug and play?

The Miko Shiatsu foot massager is a good example of a portable device that you can place under your desk while you’re working, or to soothe yourself after an important meeting (or even before). If you prefer simpler options, foam rollers and balls are a brilliant option for tense muscles all over your body.

If relaxation calls for too much effort, it ends up consuming all of your energy to begin with. That’s why you need an arsenal of simple, effective, but personalized ways to make yourself feel better and to create a little oasis of peace within your own mind at a moment’s notice. Let these little tricks help you stay healthy and sane in this hectic world of ours!