Plastic surgery involves restoration, reconstruction, and alteration of the body. The surgeons are trained to fix any abnormalities in the body which hinder the normal functioning of the body. Reconstructive surgery is one of the types of plastic surgery. With the advancement of science and technology, various new techniques have come up in plastic surgery.

Reconstructive surgery is synonymous with plastic surgery as per the knowledge of a layman. But according to the trained surgeons, reconstructive surgery is all about removing defects and restoring the body to its normal form. Craniofacial surgery, hand surgery, micro surgery and the treatment of burn is all included in the reconstructive surgery.

This article gives you an insight into types of plastic surgery that are possible in modern times. Also, know about the plastic and reconstructive surgery medical journal that covers miracles in the field of plastic surgery.

Broad field of plastic surgery

Plastic surgery comprises of various sub-disciplines. Most of these subfields are part of reconstructive surgery. At many points in medical theory, reconstructive and plastic surgery is one and the same thing. Given below are the most common fields of plastic surgery-

• Burn surgery- Reconstructive burn surgery takes place after the wounds have healed. This surgery is done to get rid of burn scars from the body.

• Craniofacial surgery- This kind of surgery is divided into pediatric and adult craniofacial surgery. Pediatric surgery is done to treat the congenital anomalies of the soft tissue and pediatric fractures. Adult craniofacial mostly deals with fractures where a part of the body that gets dislocated has to be restored to its position. This surgery is an important part of plastic surgery training programs also.

• Hand surgery- It a kind of plastic and reconstructive surgery for acute injuries and chronic diseases of the hand and wrist. This surgery helps in the correction of congenital malformations related to hands.

• Micro surgery-  This surgery involves transferring a piece of tissue from the part where it was excess to the place in the body where it is required. It is a popular type of reconstructive surgery. Many people go for breast reconstruction, head and neck reconstruction, brachial plexus surgery, etc.

The above are the most known sub-fields of plastic surgery. There are many more fields emerging with the advance of techniques in the field of surgery.

Advancements In The Field Of Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery

Modern techniques in the field of surgery

The latest techniques have come up in recent times in the field of plastic surgery.

Endoscopic surgery is performed with the modern device that assists surgeons during surgical procedures by sending pictures of the inside body to the screen.

Laser technology in plastic and reconstructive surgery has a lot of benefits.

Using different types of lasers often provide for minimal bleeding, bruising and scarring in the process of surgery.

Tissue expansion surgical procedure serves the function of growing extra skin to repair lost or damaged skin easily without a lot of pain and suffering.

Plastic and reconstructive surgery journal.

This journal of American surgeons contains all the medical miracles in the field of surgery. It is an ultimate guide for surgeons beginning their careers in the field of surgery. All kinds of surgical procedures and techniques are mentioned to guide surgeons in this journal.

Apart from being a guiding manual, this journal publishes articles and research of scholar surgeons. It also recognizes doctors and surgeons who have contributed unique ideas to the field of surgery.

The treatment and techniques in cirugía plástica have been modernized, making surgery convenient and feasible for a lot of people in current times. There are many sub-disciplines of the field, making surgery possible for almost all the parts of the body.

For surgeons all over the world, plastic and reconstructive surgery journal is like a bible. You will get solutions for all complex surgery cases.