Have all the other tooth treatment options failed you? Are you tired and want to do a tooth extraction? It can be frustrating to stay awake all night or miss work days because of tooth pains. Fortunately, your solution lies with an Apical Surgery Georgetown, which will quickly get you back on track. In most cases, an apicoectomy procedure helps solve a tooth problem where a root canal has failed. Similarly, complications can occur during a root canal, further risking your entire oral health. With that said, here is what to know about an apicoectomy and how it comes in handy to eliminate your tooth pain.

Understanding apicoectomy?

With this procedure, your itchy gum tissue and the end of your tooth root are detached while the top of the tooth is left intact. Usually, it is known as a root-end recession since it involves operating the apex. It is safe and can be performed on patients of all ages.

Why prefer apical surgery instead of a traditional root canal?

A traditional root canal involves accessing the affected pulp by drilling a small hole in your tooth’s top front or back. Primarily, a root canal is used to treat a compromised tooth to make it look like your original tooth. A dental crown is added on top of the affected tooth during a root canal to cover the affected area from further infections. Nevertheless, a traditional root canal can leave behind damages that erupt during the procedure. Due to this, your tooth condition can deteriorate rather than heal fast.

In contrast, apicoectomy helps heal your condition where a root canal has wholly failed. It specifically focuses on the tip of the tooth root and the affected tissues around the tooth. Furthermore, your dentist offers an anesthetic to remove discomfort during the procedure. During an apicoectomy, Dr. Roach removes the root tip, checks for any sign of inflammation or infection, and carefully cleans the surrounding tissue.

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Apicoectomy Benefits

Unlike the traditional root canal process, apical surgery carries many health benefits that will leave you smiling. They include:

1.     Long-lasting results

Since the procedure entails a deep analysis of what is ailing your tooth, the treatments offered help eradicate the issue in totality. In addition, four out of five apicoectomy patients have proved that the process has lasting results of over ten years.

2.     It promotes faster healing

Compared to a traditional root canal, an apical surgery involves making a small incision that speeds up your recovery. Additionally, the whole process is minimally invasive, thus enabling your dentist to conduct the treatment effectively.

3.     Few after-effects

A gone wrong root canal eventually leaves enormous scars in the operated area. However, an apicoectomy has few or no after-surgery effects because of the small incisions made during the procedure. Again, the treatment targets the affected area, avoiding large openings.

Apicoectomy is a smile booster!

Considering the outcome of an apical surgery, you have no reason to do a tooth extraction. Dr. Roach and the RR Dentistry team will offer specialized care to eliminate pain and save your tooth from extraction. Furthermore, our team issues follow-ups to ensure you attain your goal. If you want to salvage your teeth from severe infections, consider scheduling your appointment with RR Dentistry in Georgetown, Texas, today!