The infamous coronavirus pandemic has brought the world on its toes with more than 21,65, 500 confirmed cases infected with Corona Virus, 1,45, 705 deaths, and roughly 5, 50, 453 recoveries so far as we breathe. All countries are locking down themselves to prevent community transmission. The “Stay Home, Stay Safe” cliche is sticking to every tongue. But only staying home won’t help you avoid the spread of the disease. You need proper gears, support system, and immunity to stand against this pandemic and emerge victoriously.

Proper care and precautions can mitigate community transmission and protect society against this health crisis. WHO or the World Health Organization has recommended cloth covering as an effective solution to protect against the Corona Virus spread when we are stepping out in public or forced to disobey social distancing. Masking for Corona Virus is a pressing challenge at the moment amid scarcity; as a result, e-Commerce stalwarts like Bewakoof have planned to offer masks online for the citizens of India. N-95 masks or also known as the cloth covering masks have emerged as the best solution to prevent the spread of the virus via transmission in the form of tiny water droplets in the air coming from the mouth of the infected patients. But do these masks serve a larger purpose when you have prolonged wearing periods on the cards?

Is N95 Masks A Better Choice To Prevent The Spread of Coronavirus

N95 Mask

Corona Virus demands a thicker mask that prevents the viruses from coming in the form of droplets to not penetrate through the clothing material. But many doctors have even said that N95 masks are a perfect option to protect you against the spread of coronavirus, but they cause severe discomfort among wearers. In some cases, doctors, the fraternity aggressively advocating for this mask, grievously injured by the mask after a stretched or prolonged use. The reason is simple; it causes a lot of difficulties when it is on. On the contrary, other netted masks can be a better choice for preventing community transmission when you step out in public. Doctors have been wearing these reusable N95 masks because they need very high-end protection since they are treating an infected Corona Virus patient. But for general folks, it might be costly to buy these N95 masks online, and they are not a better choice for extended wearing hours. So, stick to simple netted masks. Some of the masks you can easily make at home with regular things that are readily available. We shall cover that in the next blog, where we will speak about washable outdoor face masks that can protect against instant Corona Virus spread.

Reusability of the Coronavirus Masks

hand sanitizers

N95, as well as standard netted cloth masks, can be reused when you wash them in a thick lather of soap. You need not have to buy the masks online again and again. Just put soap or detergent in the container, you can add hand sanitizer liquid like a disinfectant and wash the masks for reuse.