The New Year has come upon us and with it come New Year’s Resolutions for everyone. The New Year comes with hope and happiness that makes us want to and start a better us. Everyone wants a better health, shape and wealth but only a few people work to achieve it. Moreover, only fewer of these people will execute their plans to achieve it and maintain it till they reach their fitness goals.

Reaching fitness goals is very difficult but it comes down to a simple fact; the amount of calories you intake and burn. This equation of residual calories determines how much weight we gain or lose to look better and healthier.

In order to know the amount of calories you eat (and potentially burn), you need a Calorie Counter. With technology nowadays, finding the Best Calorie Counter App is easy. We have reviewed an Changing Shape calorie counter app and we know we have a winner.

The Best Calorie Counter App

Every few years, fitness freaks come up with new diet and fitness trends and they fade away with time. Examples as Atkins diet, Crossfit and Keto diets have not stood the test of time. Some have shown up to be harmful as the Keto diet or misleading people in order to for more sales. But one fact remains is that Calorie Counters are the best way to keep your weight under control.


Changing Shape differs from other apps, books, and gimmicks in that it uses artificial intelligence to learn about you, your body, habits and diet. Then it analyses big data from all users, global recommendations and research, together with your history to provide the best customized diet there is.

Changing Shape will build evidence-based calorie research and nutrition guidelines to structure diet programs for you. It will then analyses your progress weekly, identify pitfalls and adjust based on your progress. Over time, the Changing Shape App will improve and become more exact. The more you use it, the more effective it becomes.

In summary, Changing Shape is an easy to use calorie counting app that uses your unique behavioral data to help you lose weight. Your diet will be tailored to you, with an emphasis on basic changes you can do on a daily basis.

All this is done through your phone without having to leave your chair to visit the gym or nutritionist. has taken all of these things in mind to provides its users with an easy way to achieve their healthy body goals all while from the comfort of their own homes.

So basically, you know exactly what to eat and get fit on your own terms. The Changing Shape App, designed for today’s busy people, makes weight loss results simple and quick.

Try it now for Free!

To expand their community and help as many individuals as possible as the pandemic still lingers, the app developers are making the beta version of the Changing Shape Calorie Counter App available for free for a limited time. They are releasing the beta app with a “Name Your Own Price” option starting at free. To guarantee a spot on the beta-tester waiting list, sign up today. This exclusive deal is only available for a short time.