Stained, discolored, and broken teeth negatively impact a person’s appearance. These are only three problems a person might have that can be corrected with the help of cosmetic dentistry. In fact, many people visit a dentist for help with one issue, only to find they want a smile makeover. Cosmetic dentists can transform a person’s smile in a matter of visits. How are they able to accomplish this goal and give a person the smile they have always dreamed of?

Teeth Whitening

A person may need a dentist appointment to have the teeth cleaned. However, this cleaning might not be enough to give them the beautiful smile they desire. Speak to the dentist about teeth whitening. In fact, this is the most common cosmetic dental procedure requested today.

Certain beverages, tobacco, and some medications stain the teeth and leave them looking less than their best. This procedure can restore the brilliance of the teeth in as little as one visit.

Although a person may use an in-home whitening kit, it won’t produce the same results, as the dentist uses a much stronger solution to whiten the teeth. Learn more about this popular procedure today and the benefits of teeth whitening.


Tooth Bonding

When a person chips or breaks a tooth, they may believe their only option is to get a crown. Today, however, dentists can repair the damage with the help of tooth bonding. During this procedure, the dentist bonds a tooth-colored material to the portion of the tooth that is damaged to restore its appearance and shape.

This procedure may also be used for badly stained teeth to hide discoloration. At times, the dentist might use this treatment to fill a small cavity or protect an exposed tooth root. However, this procedure doesn’t last as long as other treatment options.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers serve as another option when it comes to treating chipped, broken, and discolored teeth. The dentist takes a thin shell that is the same color as the other teeth and attaches it to the front of the damaged tooth. These porcelain or resin-composite veneers permanently bond with the teeth and can be used to treat a tooth that is smaller than average.

People often choose to have multiple veneers placed on the teeth to ensure the smile is symmetrical. The teeth appear natural when they are of similar sizes.

Dental Implants

In the past, people would turn to dentures to replace missing or failing teeth. However, these dental appliances came with many drawbacks. For example, the dentures would often slip when a person chewed or talked. Today, dentists offer dental implants to replace missing or failing teeth.

The implant fuses with the person’s jawbone, serving as the root of the tooth. This ensures the tooth won’t slip or move. In addition, the implant prevents the loss of bone, a problem commonly seen with missing teeth that are replaced with dentures. The implant process takes place over several visits and restores the appearance and function of the mouth.

These serve as only a few of the many cosmetic dentistry procedures offered today. Speak to the dentist to learn about all available options. Men and women find they can have a smile they love with the help of cosmetic dentistry. All it takes is one visit to learn how anyone can have a smile they can’t wait to show off.