To answer the question “can foreigners buy health insurance in the USA” you must consider several factors. The information below is for educational purposes only and should never replace advice from a legal professional.

Health insurance for foreigners living in the USA is a topic requiring more research to understand truly. It probably won’t surprise you, but it can be complicated to figure out if foreigners can buy health insurance in the USA or what the laws and rules are for this type of policy.

The first thing we’ll look at is who qualifies as a “foreigner.” It has nothing to do with someone’s nationality or citizenship. It just means a person who is not a legal resident of the United States.

Whenever someone comes from abroad and enters the USA, they’re considered a foreigner until they get their green card (permanent residency).



Health Insurance Requirements by State or Province?

Let’s begin with understanding how health insurance works. There are currently over 1,200 health insurance carriers in the USA. Since there are so many, different states and provinces can have very different requirements regarding what types of health insurance they will accept.

States That Require Foreign Nationals to Get Health Insurance

Most states require that all residents purchase some form of health insurance. A resident is often a person with a legal address in that state. In most cases, a foreign national living in the USA will have to purchase their health insurance for an extended time even if they are not getting paid from a US source.

Some states allow foreign nationals to purchase international plans, but this depends on the carrier and the plans themselves. To see what your state requires, visit your state’s insurance department’s official website.

It will often be located on an “official” looking .gov website. However, Canada and some states prohibit international health insurance, so they will not purchase any health coverage if you are not a US national.



Insurance Carriers That Accept Foreign Nationals

Not all insurance carriers in the USA provide coverage to foreign nationals. For example, State Farm Insurance will not sell you a policy if you are not a legal resident of that state or at least legally present in the USA on an F1 visa.

Several international carriers also provide plans for US Citizens living in the USA and those with a green card.

What’s the Cheapest Health Insurance for Foreign Nationals in the USA?

To find out what is available, you can visit a site like or even search on Google with terms such as “international health insurance” and the name of your city plus state. For example, entering Nashville international health insurance will provide plenty of options from companies all over the USA.

As a foreign national, you will pay more than an American, but plans and monthly costs for health insurance provided by international carriers can be as low as just $50 per month. However, you should only purchase plans with no deductible and guaranteed issues regardless of your age or current state of health.

You can also purchase international plans that will cover you worldwide for less than $100 USD per month or even under $1 per day with “worldwide” emergency evacuation coverage if you have US citizenship. You can also consider Bupa travel insurance, and it covers many countries worldwide, including the USA.

What About USA Government Subsidized Health Insurance?

The USA does not provide free health insurance. However, anyone under a certain annual salary can qualify for a USA government subsidy on their health insurance costs. It means that you will only have to pay around 30 – 40% of your monthly premium, even if it is over $300 per month.

In order to get this subsidized coverage, you must fill out the application provided by your state and provide all required documentation as requested. You can do this via mail or even online, depending on how you apply. When filling out the application, make sure that it is complete.

If there are any missing documents, such as an original birth certificate (not a scanned copy), then your application will be rejected, and you will have to reapply.

While it is possible to apply for subsidized health insurance as a self-employed foreign national, the process of doing so will require more time and paperwork than if you had a US social security number or ITIN number.

Health insurance for foreigners in the USA is often complicated and confusing. However, as you can see from this guide, there are plenty of options available, even if you do not have a green card or USA citizenship.


Health insurance for foreigners in the USA is expensive, but many options are available and plenty. If you’re a foreign national without US citizenship, even if you have a green card, it’s important to understand your options so that your health and well-being are always taken care of.

Always know the available medical treatment in the USA for foreigners. It will help you get high-quality and low-cost medical treatment in the USA.