Eating healthy is hard, especially when you’re busy all day long, seven days a week. You’re always on the go, always grabbing something from the nearest fast food joint, but the thing is you can eat healthily and still be super busy.

So, what’s the secret? It’s nothing super fancy. Most of the tips shared below are easy to follow regardless of how busy your day to day is.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Stock up your freezer with super healthy foods.

Frozen vegetables, meats and fruits are always a good way to have something healthy and easy to prepare.

Yes, they may not be super fresh, but most of the times it’s far better to have something healthy and frozen, than snacking on a KFC. Even better is that you can always throw some fruits in the blender and make yourself a quick smoothie in the morning, afternoon or even as a midnight snack.

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Not to mention that throwing a bag of frozen vegetables makes cooking a breeze as you don’t have to cut them.

And while on the topic of smoothies…

Just go the smoothie way.

Smoothies are super quick to make and they are super delicious. Have a handful of frozen berries at hand, throw in a banana and some almond milk and you’re ready to go.

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They’re super nutritious and can help you grab the much-needed nutrients to kickstart your day to success. And while smoothies are a super convenient way to get something to get you through the next couple of hours, the next tip will get you through the day.

And that’s, don’t be afraid to go to a restaurant.

Going to a restaurant is something that most people think of as unhealthy, but it isn’t always the case, especially when you do it right.


And how you do it right you ask? Well, for starters a seafood restaurant has some amazing healthy options on their menus.

Other great options are just skipping the breadstick, not getting anything fried or drinking alcohol and fizzy drinks. Instead, opt-out for lean meats, water and some veggies on the side.

But while on the run, keep only healthy snacks around your home.

This can be kind of strange at first, but throw away anything that’s unhealthy. Change the Nutella for a jar of honey. Keep a handful of fruits at an arms reach and most importantly – make sure you have some kinds of nuts.

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Nuts are super healthy and will satisfy your hunger for at least a couple of hours with just a handful.

And the last one – utilize meal preparation.

Yup, the last tip includes cooking. But if you follow all the above tips, you’ll be cooking-free for the six days a week, which is still pretty cool if you hate doing it.

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Every Sunday, prepare a meal by meal for the whole week. Yes, it may take some time to come up with a full menu for the whole week, but it will both save you money, and you’ll eat healthily.