You probably have heard about the keto diet. In the last few years the keto diet has become very popular due to the more freedom in foods that you can intake. The concept is that you are still able to eat most foods you just want to consume about 75% fat, 20% protein, and about 50g of carbs per day. You want to focus more on high fat and low carb foods. Such as meat, low carb vegetables, dairy, and eggs. You are going to want to eliminate any sugar drinks. It is best for you as well to start discover here some healthy snacks that are essential for the keto diet as they help suppress hunger

Why is keto right for me?

If you are wanting to lose weight or improve your lifestyle you probably have been looking at many different diets. I mean come on there are so many different diets and programs out there that you can choose from. It can feel overwhelming to pick a diet and stick with it. Let’s look at what keto can do for you.

Keto diet
• May help you lose weight- Because the keto diet is based off of fewer carbs,and higher fat intakes which burn into energy quicker, You could lose a good amount of weight.
• May improve cognitive functions- Because of the high fat diet that keto works off, it helps reduce inflammation that triggers nerve pain in the brian, it has been shown to cause fewer migraines for some patients
• Supports a sedentary lifestyle- Let’s face it with everything going on in life, It can often be difficult to take the time to exercise and get moving, Fortunately with keto you can still lose weight even without being physically active everyday. Because of the low carb diet you are cutting out those extra carbs that you do not need the muscle glycogen.

What can you eat on the keto diet?

The keto diet is kind of different from your typical diet of just salads. Let’s face it no one wants to eat a salad every single day. We want to be able to pick and choose what we are able to eat. The great thing about the keto diet is that you have many different options to choose from. You pretty much get to eat whatever you want just modified. We are your keto diet for beginners and we are going to show you a few examples of things that you can eat on the keto diet.

Breakfast- They say that breakfast is your most important meal of the day. Here a few breakfast items that you can choose from:

• Sausage and egg sandwich- This will keep you full until lunch time! Take two sausage patties and an over medium egg and make it like a sandwich. You are using the sausage patties in replacement to the bread. And you still get a delicious hearty breakfast.
• Keto pancakes- Yes you can still enjoy your morning pancakes. You can purchase a  special keto pancake mix a keto friendly syrup is highly recommended.
Lunch-You want to make sure that you eat something healthy for lunch as usually this is the part where you are sedentary the most.
• Chicken parmesan kale salad- A perfect and delicious way for your mid day meal. You will also be feeling light avoiding that after meal tiredness.
• Veggie wrap- Have a delicious veggie wrap and replace the tortilla with lettuce.
Dinner- Your final meal of the day let’s make it a good one.
• Bacon burger- Yes you can still actually enjoy burgers! Just swap the bun out for a lettuce wrap or “protein style” as it is called.
• Chicken breast with grilled asparagus- Want a mouth watery savory meal? Grilled chicken breast with grilled asparagus is the way to go. SImply just put the chicken breast in the oven and grill some asparagus. Feel free to add some cauliflower rice as a side!

We hope that you found some good ideas from this. Keto is very popular due to it’s tasty foods. Perhaps maybe this is the diet that is perfect for you?