Testosterone is the leading male sex hormone, emanating from your testicles. The hormone levels are essential in controlling your male characteristics and sexual functions. Generally, as you age, particularly over 30 years, the body’s production of hormones that give you your male characteristics gradually reduces. Therefore, you will experience changes in your physical, sexual, and emotional state. If you have an imbalance of male hormones, then you should seek the services of an Edmond, OK hormone replacement specialist. A specialist can help boost your testosterone to healthy levels, which can assist in reducing signs of aging and improve your quality of life and general well-being.

Importance of testosterone

Although testosterone hormones primarily come from your testicles, they can also come from the adrenal or suprarenal glands. The suprarenal glands are small glands shaped like a triangle, sitting above your kidneys.

The LH hormone, also known as luteinizing hormone, oversees the production of this primary male hormone. Thus, depending on many factors, such as age, the LH hormone can influence whether you have healthy or unhealthy testosterone levels.

Testosterone plays a huge role in regulating various functions of your body, including sexual desire (libido) and the production of the body’s energy, red blood cells, and sperm. The male sex hormone is also responsible for maintaining robust bone density, alleviating inflammation, protecting body organs like the brain, strengthening muscle mass, and promoting facial hair.

Symptoms of low testosterone levels


More research is necessary to unearth the extensive effects of low production of testosterone hormones in your body. However, the existing body of information agrees that when your body creates less testosterone, you may have various signs and symptoms, including:

  •       You become sadder and easily irritated
  •       You find it difficult to enjoy your life
  •       You do not feel energetic and feel less enthusiastic
  •       Less sexual desire
  •       Reduced sperm count
  •       Difficulty sleeping
  •       Male menopause

Low testosterone levels also have close links to various illnesses. You may be more susceptible to high blood glucose, heart and blood vessel problems, lung diseases, impotence, and weakening of bones in your hip, spine, and wrist.

Hormone level testing

Your doctor has several approaches to measuring the imbalance of your male hormones in the body. Your health provider may prefer to extract a small sample of your blood and test the different testosterone levels, including other hormones such as thyroid and estrogen.

Your health provider may also rely on your saliva to test the male reproductive hormone level.

Furthermore, there may be a need for your health specialist to look at the health condition of different glands like the thyroid and testicles using ultrasound. That can help unearth a particular issue affecting a gland’s production of hormones.

Your doctor may also perform a sperm count or look at other issues affecting your reproductive organs to understand better their impact on your hormonal imbalance.

Once you have an imbalance of male hormones or low testosterone levels, your health provider may inject you with hormones made from the laboratory, use hormones available in doses from pharmaceutical companies or use naturally occurring hormones. Natural hormones come from plants or animals.

Hormonal replacement therapy will help reduce or eliminate problems due to hormonal imbalance in your body. Thus, you may not feel frequently exhausted and feel healthier and youthful.

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