Fear, anxiety, and worry are the body’s natural responses to what’s to come. For instance, when expecting a school test or a job interview, you may experience nervousness or fear. However, if these intense feelings are intense and persist for more than six months, you may need medical help. If you’re seeking relief from your anxiety disorder, you may benefit from the McAllen longevity treatments at Nova Vita Wellness Center.

Understanding anxiety disorder

Everyone experiences anxiety occasionally, but you may have an anxiety disorder if you have intense and persistent fear and worry every day. An anxiety disorder involves recurrent episodes of extreme terror or fear and anxiety that can easily translate to panic attacks. These intense feelings may hinder you from performing your daily activities and interfere with your ability to manage actual danger, lowering your quality of life. If left untreated, anxiety disorder symptoms may manifest during childhood and worsen during adulthood. The different forms of anxiety disorders include separation anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, specific phobias, and social anxiety disorder. Other anxiety disorders are due to underlying medical conditions requiring treatment.


When to consult your doctor about anxiety disorder

The signature symptom of anxiety disorders is intense fear, nervousness, and anxiety in harmless situations. Other symptoms include trembling, sweating, having a fierce sense of danger or doom, feeling tired or weak, trouble sleeping, and difficulty thinking or concentrating on anything other than worry. If your anxiety is mild and doesn’t interfere with your daily life, you may not need medical intervention. However, if the intense feeling is hard to control, causes suicidal thoughts, leads to depression or is related to a medical condition, inform your physician immediately for examination and treatment.

How anxiety disorders can interfere with your child’s life

Children are bound to experience occasional fear, worry or anxiety. For instance, your child may get scared over a barking dog or thunderstorm, and a teenager may get anxious over an upcoming school dance or test. However, in some cases, these feelings may become overwhelming, preventing you from focusing on other things, and making your comforts seem futile. If left untreated, the overwhelming anxiety may make it difficult for your child to enjoy their favorite games and interfere with their sleeping patterns. If your child’s stress affects their functioning or behavior, don’t hesitate to consult the Nova Vita Wellness Center experts.

How medications can alleviate anxiety disorders

An anxiety disorder is a medical disorder you can wish away without medical intervention. It does not revolve around your attitude or self-discipline. During your initial appointment at Nova Vita Wellness Center, the team may perform several tests and discuss your symptoms before developing an individualized treatment plan. Although medications are not a permanent solution for anxiety disorders, they can alleviate your symptoms and preserve your quality of life. Your provider may recommend anti-anxiety medications to minimize your worry, panic, and anxiety, antidepressants to reduce stress and improve your mood, and beta-blockers to relieve trembling, shaking, and rapid heartbeat. The team works closely with you to determine the medication and dosage that works for you.

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