There any times when you look at the work and you cannot memorize it and recall it. What do you think what is the matter with you?  Can you not recall the things? Especially when it comes to your academics! Science as mentioned many different things and many new findings at present through which you can improve your memory and its capacity on a daily basis rather than getting deteriorated. Let us understand what is a memory? Well memory is a very complicated thing distinctive activity of the brain. There are many things through which you can enhance and improve your memory that you presently have. Have a look at the following points that science, as mentioned in order to improve your memory more and to work in a more effective and efficient manner.

Skills of MemoryMediate

The first and foremost thing that you must do is to meditate. Yes, meditation please acquired a role in improving your memory.  Your brain is just like a notebook. It keeps on storing and storing things.  It also needs rest.  When your brain is in the resting phase it is pressed and revitalized again.  You may have that when you are tired you go on vacations in order to freshen yourself up. Same is the case with your memory and your mind, when you give some relaxation to your brain you are going to function much better. The memory that we use on a daily basis is our bank working memory. It banks things up and keeps it to itself till the capacity is self-fulfilled.  Not only this but it is also been figured out that when a person meditates for about 8 weeks they have got a much-enhanced memory than earlier.

Learn by word to word

This is another thing that you can do you can make a list of words and you can learn it like the headings. Learn by word to word and then it will be very easy for you to Write my assignment the headings first and then to explain what is in heading.  Simple it is in it? You can just learn the headings and you can make small abbreviations for the headings. Things will be very easy for you if you make a chain and learn it in that manner.

Watch video on a documentary

Yet another technique of learning things faster than a more effectual manner! You can see and watch a documentary over the topic of the subject you have. Keep in mind when you visualize things you can learn in a much better manner than that of learning it by heart.

Consume coffee to have a much better memory

It doesn’t matter that either you are a coffee lover or not if you want your brain and its functioning to be superior you must consume it as a medicine. Coffee contains caffeine and if you are looking for something like you want to learn something new specifically so you can take caffeine in order to your brain function much healthier.

Chew a gum

This may be sounding insane to you if you want to learn things.  But yes this is a fact that studies show that people who chewed gum can function in a much-improved manner.  There is however the theories are yet not proven but yes people who use chewing gums say that when they ate chewing gums they could learn better along the daytime in an additional resourceful tactic.


Last but not the least exercise plays a vital role not only in losing weight, maintaining a healthy heart and regulating your system.  It has other benefits too like improving your memory and improving your brains too.  So what more are you looking for, walk or workout to have a healthy heart as well as a healthy improved brain?