Recent innovations in laser hair removal treatments allow for safer and faster procedures. A Beautiful You Medical Spa offers Venus Velocity technology for efficient and convenient laser hair removal Memphis. The process is more reliable for all skin types compared to conventional treatments.

Is laser hair procedure painful?

The Venus Velocity hair removal treatment delivers a highly-targeted laser to the target hair follicles. The applicator directs minimal heat, which often produces mild sensations.

The device has an in-built cooling mechanism that monitors body temperature to precisely regulate thermal energy. The laser applicator adjusts the frequency depending on the skin condition, which results in efficient treatments.

Typically, the procedure is not painful, but patients with sensitive skin may experience mild discomfort. Your provider will review your health and skin condition when choosing the appropriate modality for satisfactory outcomes.


Who is a good candidate for laser hair removal?

Laser removal can be effective for all skin types. But it produces the best results for people with dark hair and fair skin. There is the risk of targeting melanin cells on darker skin, resulting in loss of pigmentation and scarring.

The diagnostic process will determine if you are an ideal candidate for hair removal. People with hives, autoimmune diseases, and previous cases of melanoma are discouraged from laser treatment.

The laser treatment cannot treat areas around the eyes due to the risk of eye damage from the laser light. Pregnant women should also avoid laser treatment as a health precaution.

What to expect after the procedure

After one session, patients can expect up to a 25% reduction in hair volume. The results vary between patients depending on the skin type, hair follicle thickness, and color.

The quality of the hair removal procedure also depends on the efficacy of the laser technology. A Beautiful You Medical Spa uses Venus Velocity technology for safer and more effective treatments.

Venus Velocity employs a diode laser to direct heat precisely to the target location. The applicator works faster, even on large areas, without damaging the surrounding tissue.

You may require multiple treatments to achieve the desired results. The process eliminates virtually all hair. Occasionally, patients notice minor regrowth. But the hair tends to be thinner and inconspicuous.

The laser hair removal technology has minimal side effects and practically no downtime. Most patients can embark on their daily activities without any pain or discomfort.

Laser therapy pre-procedure and aftercare tips

As with any procedure, post-procedure care is essential for preventing side effects. Your healthcare specialist will provide an appropriate sunscreen for your skin type and aftercare instructions.

You will need to clean the treated area twice a day to prevent swelling and soreness. Avoid hot baths, UV exposure, and skin therapies the first two to three days after the procedures.

Your aesthetician will help you prepare for the procedure to eliminate post-procedure risks. Preparation requires patients to avoid skin lotions that might irritate the skin for two to three days to treatment. Consult your provider before using any ointments or moisturizers.

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