Without a baby, a family is never complete. Their giggles, naughtiness, and innocence brighten up the world. They make the world a better place to live in. Facing infertility can be very hard couples especially to those who yearn for a child. There are many reasons for infertility in both men and women.

But new age medical science has made possible to fight with infertility. Several innovative treatments and methods are available to treat the couple having infertility. Medication to artificial insemination, treatment options are aplenty. Choose the best fertility test clinic for proper examination and results, and inquire about the reasons in depth. Also, learn about the treatment methods. Your happiness is not far away.


What Causes Infertility in Men?

If we check out the rates of infertile couples, it is close to 15%. And a fair share of this adds up to male infertility. To make pregnancy possible, the sperm must move easily into semen. It happens because of the liquid that acts as a lubricator for the movement of sperm. There ought to be an adequate number of sperm in the semen, only then pregnancy can be made possible. Some sperm may have difficulty in moving, and thus will not make it into the female egg for fusion.

The major reasons for male infertility are:

  • Low sperm production –

In some men, the rate of sperm production will be less when compared with the normal rate. It can affect fertility. Using alcohol or other drugs can lower the production of sperms. Alcohol brings down the level of testosterone hormone. And thus alters the production of sperms.

  • Abnormal sperm function – It can also interfere with fertility. The sperm may have some type of deformities or defects. These defects make difficult the sperm from moving easily. It will be hard for it to penetrate the egg as well.
  • Blockage – Blockages in the sexual organ will prevent the sperm from entering the egg. It can also slow down the movement of sperm partially or fully.
  • Lifestyle – Lifestyle patterns need to be monitored strictly to prevent infertility. Use of alcohol and drug abuse needs to be stopped altogether. It can do more harm than you can imagine. Diet also plays a vital role. You need to watch out for obesity. It can affect the functions of hormonal imbalance in the body.
  • Stress – Stress is also a factor when it comes to infertility. Those who have suffered from a prolonged period of stress happen to have a low sperm count.
  • Severe and serious diseases – If the individual suffers from diseases like cancer, it may have an impact on his fertility. Tumors can create changes in the whole body, particularly in the reproductive section. Also, treatment measures like chemotherapy may harm the functioning of reproductive organs.
  • Antibodies – Antibodies are bliss but not when it attacks the sperm. Antibodies sometimes mistake the sperms as antigens. And try their best to eliminate it from the body. They need a warning!
  • Ejaculation – Ejaculation issues cause infertility in men. Diabetes and injuries of spinal cord affect proper ejaculation of sperms. In some cases, men will be producing sperms but cannot eject them out. In some cases, men will be producing sperms but cannot eject them out. In medical terms, it’s called anejaculation, a simple search for what is anejaculation over the web can give you clear information and then what one can explore for treatment. Proper medication and the right treatment can set the matter right.

Watch Out for These Symptoms!

  • Infertility in man may not come with evident symptoms sometimes. Even then, you may keep a watch for these symptoms if you doubt the shadow of infertility is falling upon you.
  • Frequent infections in the lungs. Infertility and lungs? Now you may wonder how that’s connected. But if you catch frequent respiratory infections then you may consult a doctor. So that you can have the best results.
  • Gynecomastia- it is a condition caused by the irregularity in male hormones. As a result of the irregularity, breasts tend to grow or develop in men.
  • Watch out keenly for any sign of hormone irregularity. If you experience happen to have less facial hair or body hair all of sudden, then it is a wake-up call. You should immediately consult a doctor. And take the proper treatment to resolve the issue.
  • Swelling in the testicle area should not be taken simply. It may be a sign of impending infertility. Do not ignore it. You must consult the doctor if you have any background of testicle related disorders.

Ways to Prevent Male Infertility

Prevention has always been better than cure. Keeping yourself healthy and adopting is the right type of lifestyle. And having a healthy diet can stop you from the intake of medication. Moreover, it can save you from undergoing surgeries. Here are a few things to abstain from if you want to welcome a healthy baby to light up your world.

  • Quit Smoking. The more you smoke the less sperm you produce. Smoking can literally kill your sperms making you depend upon medications. It can also lead to other diseases responsible for harming your reproductive system. So why smoke and kill the balance?
  • Say no to alcohol and drugs. Both these can turn very deadly making you infertile and also a victim of dangerous diseases. As long as you depend upon these, it is better to give the happy picture of the happy smiling baby in your head.
  • Stress less and smile more. Stress can induce the production of cortisol. Moreover, it can also have other hormones, which maintains the stress level of the body. It may alter the production of reproductive hormones. So stress less and welcome happiness.
  • Don’t get too close to pesticides and radiations. Prolonged exposure to harmful materials can cause deformities in the sperm. And also affect the production of the same.
  • Maintain a rich healthy diet. Avoid junk and fatty foods. Work out well to keep obesity at bay. Getting fat is not an option. Remember that each time you eat something your body doesn’t need.


A healthy body is the first thing you need. A fit and the happy mind follow it. If you doubt of any difficulties get the male infertility testing done. Never be late to take help. Consult the doctor at the earliest. Choose the best and the most experienced doctor.