A healthier life is just a stone’s throw away, provided that you make a resolution to start all the things that will lead you to it. Once you’ve made your choice, you have to be persevering. Here are some tips that might be of much help!

Put the right things in your mouth

You can drink skim milk in order to avoid osteoporosis, or you can eat more garlic to make your aorta more flexible and increase your circulation, but it would be best if you did both! Of course, there’s so much more to eating what’s right for you than just these two little things. Eat spinach and green veggies a lot because they’re packed with a lot of vitamins, minerals and fibers. Order a thin crust pizza. Consume more nuts. Eat fish, berries and watermelon often. Cut back on the bacon. Take vitamin C at least twice a day. Chew gum without sugar, drink lots of tea and water, ditch sodas and sweets, as well as take-out food. Don’t forget to also take your vitamin E supplement and always choose low-fat microwave popcorn. Yes, the list is long, but if you want a healthy lifestyle, there are certain rules that have to be followed. Of course, you can always consult a nutritionist to see what’s best for your body specifically.

Men's Guide to Living a Healthier Life

Treat others with kindness

Being nice is not difficult, and there’s evidence that it’s actually healthy! You don’t have to yell at other drivers while you’re maneuvering the steering wheel or get mad at people who are shoving you when you’re on a bus. Treat everyone with kindness and just be nicer if you want a long lifespan. Just a bit of positivity can make you feel much healthier and more fulfilled!

Use sunscreen and other skin products

Not only women deserve to show off their flawless skin. With so many amazing natural skincare brands today, men are entitled to it too. You should use at least sunscreen throughout the whole year, no matter what weather conditions you’re dealing with, but other products, such as moisturizers, hand creams and lip balms are recommended as well. If you’re struggling with acne, blisters or any sort of skin irritation, you should inform yourself on what products are the best to use. Even if you just want your skin to glow, you have all the rights to use what makes you look and feel better!

Balance physical activity with rest

There are times when your body is perfect for moving and there are times when you can just sit down and meditate. Getting older also means our muscles become less and less pliable, so we need to exercise regularly to stay in good condition. You can jog in the morning before breakfast or after dinner. You can take the stairs as much as possible. You can swim, do a sport or take an occasional walk. And when you do some of these things, choose the best time for you! Whatever activity you take up, the most important thing is to be active as much as your body needs it. However, a certain amount of time should also be spent resting since you need a break from time to time. When you decide to take a rest, do something that relaxes you, like meditation or taking a nice bubble bath.

Start getting EKGs

Even if you’re feeling perfectly healthy and like everything is in order, you’re not too young to start getting regular EKSs. Visit a trustworthy doctor occasionally just to be sure that everything is alright. Listen to what your doctor has to say and follow his or her advice. This way, you’ll feel more relaxed and you’ll be able to prevent anything bad from happening. Do checkups for everything, because it’s of great significance to lead a more quality lifestyle.

Being in good health isn’t demanding at all, you just need to be persistent once you start with all these things that will help you reach this goal. There are certain rules that you’ll have to follow and at times you might not feel like it, but it’s all worth not only because you’ll feel great but also because you’ll also have a remarkable body to show off. And what’s even more important, a longer lifespan is guaranteed!