The individual’s body carries out functions such as running and walking. Since the body uses oxygen to perform these activities, the veins must return the deoxygenated blood to the heart to be oxygenated. However, if the valves helping the veins start weakening, they will increase the pressure on the veins making them appear bulging and twisted. This condition is known as varicose veins and can be uncomfortable and painful, causing a person to seek treatment. South Shore Vein and Aesthetic Medicine is the best solution if you suffer from this disease. The following are the common myths about varicose veins.

varicose veins

They can be caused by Carrying out Hard Work

Most people believe that individuals engaging in hard jobs such as cement are at a higher risk of suffering from varicose veins. The truth is that working on hard surfaces can make a person have musculoskeletal pains though it has a minimal direct influence on causing varicose veins. In most instances, the leg venous pressure rises when the person is inactive, such as when sitting or standing for an extended period. Engaging in short walks or carrying out calf pump exercises would help relieve these symptoms.

Only Women are Likely to Get Varicose Veins

There has been a common belief that women are the only gender that will have varicose veins. Even though women are at a higher risk of having the condition due to the nature of their bodies, men also get varicose veins. Sometimes, it can be genetically passed from the parents to children. It has been highlighted that family history has been a major cause of varicose veins than gender.

Exercise Makes Varicose Veins Worsen

Some people have avoided exercising after varicose veins since they believe exercise will worsen their condition. However, exercises usually reduce the venous pressure in the individual’s legs, minimizing the chances of varicose vein formation. In most instances, leg pains occur when the patient has an arterial disease. You could also suffer them if you have vein obstruction caused by blood clots and other abnormalities. If you are experiencing pain after exercising, you should contact the specialist to diagnose your condition since it could be a sign of a problem.

Only Adults can Get Varicose Veins

Some people believe that varicose veins are a disease for older people. Even though the condition is common among older people over 50 years, it can also happen among children, teens, and young adults. Every individual should embrace measures that can help minimize varicose veins risk. Besides, the individual should not live in denial after suffering but seek medical attention.

The Varicose Treatment is Very Painful

Some people have been avoiding varicose treatment because they believe that this treatment is extremely painful. Normally, this treatment is carried out under local anesthesia, and the person will only have minimal discomfort. Since most procedures are minimally invasive, the individuals recover fast with fewer struggles.

Have you been suffering from varicose regardless of applying natural measures, and you are about to give up? You should not quit since South Shore Vein and Aesthetic Medicine is here to serve you. Dr. David Jacobs has a wide range of experience, having carried out successful recoveries over the years. He collaborates with other specialists in diagnosing your condition before choosing the best treatment. Visit the facility today to mark the end of your suffering.