Resistance bands are one of the cheapest, easiest, and fastest ways to increase your strength, get your heart rate pumping, and improve your flexibility and balance in training.

Here are our top ten reasons why you should add resistance bands to your training. If you aren’t familiar with resistance bands, or if you haven’t got yours yet, check these out:

#1 Resistance bands are inexpensive

Whether you buy just one or a set, resistance bands are definitely cheaper than a gym membership or a personal trainer. If you care for your bands properly, they should last a long time.

#2 Resistance bands are practical

Pop some resistance bands in your bag, and you’ve got a ready-made gym on the go. They are lightweight, easy to clean (wipe with a cloth, no need for soap), and they can fit in the smallest handbag.

Resistance bands are far easier to store than a set of weights!

#3 Resistance bands are flexible

Yes, they stretch. But resistance bands are also flexible in terms of fitness level. Beginners can benefit as well as seasoned pros because you can get bands of varying strengths (the stronger the band the higher the resistance).


No matter how long you’ve been exercising, you can adapt your current workout to include resistance bands. You can use bands with floor exercises, as well as combine them with yoga moves and machines, and joint strengthening exercises.

No need to learn new exercises: resistance bands work with your existing routine quite efficiently.

#4 Resistance bands work your entire body

You can use resistance bands to work on any area of the body that you choose. From standing exercises when you are pulling on the bands, to seated rows, to lying on one side in plank: you can use bands for any exercise, and therefore any part of the body.

#5 Resistance bands are safe

No need to worry about dropping a heavy barbell on your foot with resistance bands. Your joints are also protected, which we all know is crucial when exercising.

#6 Resistance bands help improve your focus

When you work with resistance bands, you need to focus on where your body is in space because you have greater freedom of movement even though you’re working against the resistance of the band. You have to make sure that you are checking your form throughout each exercise, which builds concentration and focus.

#7 Resistance bands add variety

It’s essential to add variety in an exercise program, as your muscles get used to the same movements performed regularly. Resistance bands can be a way of shaking things up and providing different ways of moving.

Your body moves within a broader range of movement with resistance bands compared with weights. This means you’ll be improving your flexibility and balance, as well as your strength.

#8 Resistance bands help strengthen your stabilizing muscles

There are muscles we have that help stabilize our bodies, and resistance bands strengthen those muscles. When using resistance bands, you’re working more than one area of your body at a time.

For example, doing donkey kicks for your legs with a resistance band will engage your core muscles too.


You’re also working your muscles from extension to contraction, which improves your overall strength. With weights, you have to make a lot of effort and then relax. With resistance bands, your muscles are working the whole time.

#9 Resistance bands help improve your performance in sports

If you do sports – any sport – resistance bands can help improve your performance. Whether you are an avid cyclist, a basketball player, a golfer, or a yoga aficionado, you can find specific exercises with resistance bands to get better results in your chosen sport.

#10 Resistance bands are effective

Perhaps most importantly, resistance bands work. Resistance bands have been proven to build your strength just as much as weight training.

How’s that for reasons to use resistance bands? Get yours today, and enjoy adding this new and powerful dimension to your workouts!