Not too long ago, pre workout nutrition was as simple as eating half a banana or a slice of bread. A few grams of protein more or an additional cup of coffee is already considered extra.  Nowadays, you can have your pick from an assortment of pre workout supplements that you can find on supplement store online. They come in all shapes and sizes, from chews to powders to canned drinks. Whether you are new to fitness or a long-time gym rat, it makes you wonder how much more beneficial these supplements really are.

Boost Physical Performance

Some days you wake up ready and eager for an intense workout. Other days you have to look for an incentive to get out of bed. Additionally, it is normal for your energy supplies to deplete minutes into your exercise routine rapidly.

If you are given a choice, you would definitely want to maintain a high level of energy from the time you enter the gym to the time you cool down. And this is what a pre workout supplement can give you.

Gym anabolic steroids

There are many brands available in the market today, and no two formulations are the same. But the most common ingredients that could give your workout an extra oomph are caffeine, nitric oxide, amino acid compounds, and some forms of creatine. These substances can enhance aerobic endurance, muscle endurance, and increase strength over time.

Nitric oxide, in particular, expands the blood vessels and increases blood circulation, which leads to improved cardiovascular performance.

Taking high doses of creatine monohydrate before a workout is beneficial, but it is also an ingredient of many post-workout formulations. On the other hand, caffeine is commonly known for being a good stimulant that can boost alertness as well as energy level. It targets the heart, nervous system, and muscles, improving your speed and stamina as well.

People may ask why not just drink a cup of coffee as pre workout like they used to. A cup of coffee normally contains 95 mg of caffeine, which is not nearly enough, especially for intense sessions. Most pre workout supplements have 150 to 300 mg of caffeine per serving. This is a lot more than coffee can give, but still safely below the limit of 400 mg per day.

There are a host of other “secret ingredients” that each brand would not disclose as part of their proprietary blend, and these are the substances that set the better brands from the others.

Reduced Protein Breakdown

Exercise increases the rate of protein synthesis. However, vigorous activity also causes muscle protein breakdown. Without pre workout supplements to offset the loss, the net protein balance would be negative, which would result in muscle tissue loss.

Protein supplements provide the additional source of amino acids needed to saturate your muscles and prevent them from being broken down into energy during an intense workout. In addition, it facilitates better muscle growth.

Making the Right Choice

Supplements are strictly regulated as either food or medicine, but counterfeit products do exist. And they are dangerous. They may have too much of an active ingredient which will do more harm than good. Even worse, they may contain toxic or dangerous substances that may be dangerous to your health.

When looking for a pre workout supplement, it is important to choose a trusted brand. These products meet the criteria and are registered in the list of approved therapeutic goods.