If you are bored with the same workout -whether you do a daily Zumba class, pilates class, monotonous weight circuit routine, or another type of exercise program – you may find that doing the same thing day in and day out can be draining on your mental and physical health. Instead of seeing the progress you saw at the beginning of your exercise regimen, you are now seeing a plateau – this can be frustrating for you!

Instead of just doing the same workout, you need to challenge yourself so you can see muscle growth, fat loss, cardio gains, and other psychological benefits that occur from daily intense exercise. Along with doing workouts that you love – whether it be outside sports, walking, or pilates class – make sure you shake up your workout routine so you can see better changes in your physique and your mental health. Let’s see why you should try a hard-core circuit HIIT workout for your next session!

The benefits of circuit HIIT – enough with the same boring workout!

Motivate Yourself for the Gym

First off, what is HIIT? HIIT stands for height tenant interval training, and typically consists of short and hard duration of intense exercise, followed by short durations of rest. One example of a HIIT Workout is the Tabata style workout, which consists of an 8-minute workout with 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. If you do a workout with 3 Tabata sessions back to back, this is a challenging and hard workout that is going to tax your entire body and your cardiovascular system!

Compared to steady-state exercise like walking, running, or weightlifting, you may find that using internal and HIIT training is the best way to see changes in your physique and your lungs. You can notice a better chance in your VO2 max and your Cardio when you use HIIT training, as the intervals will help you reach a higher heart rate and reach your max threshold when compared to steady-state training.

Furthermore, using HIIT training is interesting! Instead of doing the same exercise for 45 minutes or 1 hour, you do a variety of exercises that only take around 20-30 seconds per exercise and last around 30 minutes. If you need the biggest bang for your buck, consider using HITIt workouts. After all, enough with the same boring workout – use a fast-paced and intense session to get your heart pumping and see the results that you have wanted!


At the gym

Instead of doing the same steady-state workout for long periods, which can cause you to be at the gym for hours and not see results, why not try HIIT training? This type of training is the best way that you can see both spherical and mental benefits from a shorter and more intense duration of exercises. Choose HIIT if you are tired of the same boring workout – instead, choose around 10-20 exercises that you can do for short periods. This way, you will tax your entire body in one workout session and see huge gains in fat loss, muscle growth, and cardiovascular endurance!