The Fight & Fitness Factory is conducting first Egyptian quantitative study of the “Ramadan Effect” on your body.

Fight & Fitness Factory, a fitness studio specialized in body transformation programs, announced that they will be conducting an open study on the effects of Ramadan eating patterns on your body. F3 will run a body composition analysis for 500 participants in the study, to determine the amount of fat and muscle at the beginning of Ramadan (4th to 7th May), and another at the end of Ramadan (1st to 4th June) and comparing the differences.

Fight & Fitness Factory

“Whether you practice fasting or not, the changes in eating and sleeping patterns affect everyone. The purpose of the study is to help you better understand how your body reacts to all these changes and using it to your best advantage”

says Coach Zaki El Gabbas, Head of Fitness.

To make this study as definitive as possible, F3 fitness team will be:

  1. Conducting a before and after body composition analysis to determine changes in the fat and muscle content in your body.
  2. Running a quick survey with the participants of their Ramadan habits and plans.
  3. The before and after results will be communicated to the participants
  4. Participants in the study will be eligible for a 15% discount on F3’s 3 months & 6 months Personal Transformation Program. The program includes private training sessions, classes’ schedule, and a customized nutrition plan.

To join the study here is a summary of details:

  • Before and after Ramadan body composition analysis. Drop by on the 4th to 7th May, and again on the 1st to 4th June to get your readings done.
  • Participants get their full report on 4-June-2019.
  • Participants are eligible for a 15% discount on Personal Transformation Programs.

About Fight & Fitness Factory:

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