When a team is playing or practicing, an injury can occur. Therefore, it is vital to be prepared with first aid supplies as a remedy for any injury.

Also, bear in mind that supplies are no good if you have no idea how to use them, so taking a CPR course is also vital in order to know how to aid players.

Various injuries can occur during a sports activity, including soft tissue injuries, wounds and abrasions, eye injuries, and medical emergencies like fractures, shock, and non-responsive casualties.

Every type of injury has its specific supplies to nurse it. Here, you will find some of the essential supplies a sports coach needs to carry around.


Medical Gloves

Handling an injured player requires care. It is crucial to keep the player and coach from infections, especially when wounds and cuts are involved. Therefore, when dressing a player’s wound, the coach must have surgical supplies like medical gloves.

Wound Dressing

Wounds can result during training or the game. It can be a little cut or deep cuts. Whichever, the wound needs to be dressed and treated to prevent further infection. Wound dressing would be an ideal addition to the first aid kit to wash the wound and dress it.

Blunt-Ended Scissors

When using bandages, you will want to cut only the right size, depending on the size of the injury. Therefore, you would need a pair of blunt-ended scissors to facilitate the cutting of bandages in the proper proportions.

Athletic Tape

A sports coach would need an athletic tape for minor sprains to keep the muscles in a particular position. This is used to prevent further strain or break in the affected part. It is used in body parts near joints like the wrist, ankle, and knee.

Cold Packs

Injuries like muscle strains need instant attention. Cold treatment is an immediate treatment for such injuries before examining and necessary surgery is done. Also, cold treatment would provide pain relief to the injured part. In addition, it helps cool the nerves in the affected area.

Blister Plaster

Sometimes, an injury to the toes or fingers can cause blisters. When not addressed, blisters can be painful. Blister plaster would be an ideal addition to the first aid kit to dress the affected area and prevent further injuries. For instance, it can be the boots causing blisters in the ankle. The blister plaster would provide a cushion to the affected area.

Fabric Plaster

Collision in a sporting activity can result in a cut. Sometimes, bleeding can result. However, it is crucial to stop the bleeding and nurse the cut region. A fabric plaster would be used to cover the affected region and enhance faster healing.

Nose Sponge

Nose bleeding is a common injury in a sporting activity. Therefore, it is advisable to stop the nosebleed before continuing with the game/practice. A nose swab is a remedy to stop the bleed. It is inserted into the nose and absorbs blood, preventing blood from oozing out.

Elastic Bandages

Elastic bandages are used for the treatment of muscle strain and sprain. They help prevent swelling in the affected part by restricting the blood flow in the affected area. Since they are elastic, they can be used to apply stable pressure. In case of a bone fracture, elastic bandages can be used to keep the affected are intact.

Triangular Bandage

Sometimes, a player can dislocate the arm. Before they are taken to the hospital, a triangular bandage can keep the arm in one position. Also, the triangular bandage can be used to prevent excessive blood flow in case the injury results in a wound.

Eyewash Pods

The eyes are sensitive parts of the body. Therefore, anything that enters the eye during a sporting activity can irritate and sometimes injury. Also, a collision during sports can cause blurred vision. Therefore, it is essential to treat the eye, and an eyewash pod is an instant remedy to clean the eye.

Aerosol Cold Spray

Aerosol cold spray serves the same function as the cold pack. In addition, it is used to provide pain relief on affected muscles. Its effects are instant, and the player can return to sporting activity immediately, so long as it was a minor injury.


Paracetamol provides instant relief to pain. A sports injury can cause pain, and a dose of paracetamol can help relieve pain before proper treatment is administered.

Instant treatment during a game or training helps manage the injury and prevent further injury.

Therefore, before a player gets proper medical care, the coach must have the above essential supplies to administer instant remedies.