Men all too often talk about building muscles but somehow always find a way to blame the lack of time when it comes to working on the body. Well, this is the perfect period to get into exercise and lose that extra few pounds. People all around the world are utilizing this quarantine period to get into shape to flaunt their attractive bodies on Instagram. Building muscles requires specific work out routines and rigorous training. Continue reading this article to find out how to be fit and fabulous in just a few months.

Gym-workouts: Get a gym membership as the intense training and heavy lifting is not quite possible at home unless one owns a gym facility at home. Work under the supervision of a fitness coach who will guide to shape the body.

The goal is to follow the instructions and not expect instant results. It takes time and dedicated hours of work out to achieve the desire results.

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• Continuity: While starting on any endeavour, regularity matters. Don’t give up after a few months as the initial months are the hardest. Keep showing up and investing time in developing the body structure.

• Increase Strength: Lifting those heavy weights is only possible when the body is capable enough to carry the given weights.

• More sets: It is okay to take frequent breaks but complete the assigned sets that you initially planned on carrying on. The brain operates like a muscle too, train it thoroughly to be determined.

• Work-out time: Training 3 to 4 days per week is enough exercise as fitness coaches recommend limiting the workout schedule to avoid being burnt-out.

Food Habit: Protein food along with some amount of healthy fat is essential for muscle formation and carbohydrates are needed for energy. Consult a dietician for a personalized meal chart for your specific body type.

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• Protein: Eggs, lean beef, chicken breasts and tuna are some great source of proteins. Those who are vegan may go for chickpeas, soybeans, kidney beans for protein consumption. There are other vegan and vegetarian options available in the market.

• Protein supplements: Organic protein supplements such as powders and capsules are a great way to meet the much-needed protein demands of the body.

• Vitamin: Vitamins play an influential role in developing overall health. Obtain adequate vitamins and minerals to ensure the strength of bones. Vitamins are quintessential for strengthening muscles as they help create new cells in the body and protect the same. One may purchase the required vitamins from Discover more about relevant health supplements that can boost the testosterone level in the body.

Sleep: The body requires an adequate amount of sleep to recharge and reboot. 7 to 9 hours of rest is critical for muscle tissue recovery.


• REM sleep: Rapid eye movement sleep occurs 90-120 minutes at night. It dominates the latter half of the sleeping period.

• Non-REM Sleep: This is also known as a deep sleep as during this stage the brain practically slows down with minimal functionality. This time is essential for tissue recovery and muscle building.

• Hormones: during non-REM sleep pituitary gland releases growth hormones in the body that increases muscle mass.

These above discussed three aspects of lifestyle dominate one’s physique. To acquire that photo-finished toned body, maintain the eating habit, physical exercise as well as sleep timing.

It is highly advisable to consult a general physician and dietician to formulate a diet chart that will enable you to achieve plausible and realistic personal body goals.